Skyward: The Beginning

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.
On a planet called Pandora, six teenagers who control the elements have to find their mark in this world. With the newly created fire element named Hailee joins the group, tension starts and chaos erupts. What will happen to Pandora if the elements are out of balance? Find out in Skyward: The Beginning.


12. Months Later

Trevor and I stayed at he cave for a few more days after the night we bonded. It was the most fun I'd ever had. At night we  would hunt with Lykos and Flit learning how to be quick on our feet and how to be even more stealthy. Trevor taught me how to fish the way humans did. And we would camp out under the stars. It was perfect. Months had past since me and Trevor had been there and it seemed like years. I missed that place dearly and it held memories I cherished close to my heart.  Over the months I got progressively better in skills that I never thought I could be good at. Zander taught me how to wield all different weapons. Me and Zander grew close as friends and I grew close to the whole group. Gabriel, though more distant since the fight with Trevor, taught me how to enhance my powers of fire. Teaching me new forms and techniques to use on my opponents. Alex taught me a small bit on healing and I learned a little about the healing and magic roots, herbs, and flowers in Pandora. She taught me how to breath underwater using my element too. I never really saw Matt often. He was never home it seemed, Alex seemed to be the only one to take care of the rest of us. When he did come around he seldom spoke to any of us except Alex. The most he did was nod or give us an approving glance in our direction. I didn't get it he seemed so nice and welcoming when Trevor first brought me here now he just seemed mad at everyone. I didn't think much of it though. I enjoyed training with Trevor the most. He taught me more self defense moves and fighting moves in case of emergencies. Tonight we all had a bonfire in the forest where the trees cleared. We talked about our lives and we told stories. what fascinated me the most was when Alex told us stories about our ancestor that we were all related to. He wielded all the elements being the most powerful being on Pandora. The mortals of the world struggled to survive without anything to live off of. He gave Pandora the gift of the elements before he passed. We are the outcome of his gift to Pandora and we are the reason Pandora thrives now. I promised that I would ask Alex more about the ancestor tomorrow. Gabriel told stories of the mortals he met and how when he did go to the small towns they awed him like a god. Rolling my eyes at the idea of Gabriel being any kind of god. Zander bragged (like it was a surprise) about all the epic battles that he had gotten into in his lifetime while Trevor snorted and laughed to himself as Zander recalled his amazing adventures. Trevor talked about me and him when we lived at the house in the mountains and as he talked I imagined it all in my head recalling he story he told perfectly in my head. As the fire died we all said our good night's and headed back to the tree and into our own homes. Exhausted I walked into my room and got into one of Trevor's shirts and I put on some gray shorts. I slid into bed yawing and my eyes growing heavy.

Goodnight Flit. I thought to him

Goodnight, young one. He thought back to me

Settling into my bed I took out my sketch pad and drew a drawing of all of us at the bonfire, making sure to get the fire right and the details of everyone correct. Putting it away I laid back down and turned off the lamp next to my bed. My mind raced of all different things like it usually does when I go to bed, eventually I fell asleep though. I dreamt of all of us as gods and goddesses and the mortals worshiping us. They built altars on our name and lived in awe of all of us. I was stirred from my dream when I felt a hand touching my shoulder and moving to my face. Thinking it was Trevor I smiled and pretended I was a asleep. My smile soon disappeared when I realized it wasn't him, I could tell by his voice.

"Goodbye for now, precious little one." The sound of Gabriel's voice sent a chill down my spine as he quickly exited the room making sure not to leave a trace and going as quietly as he came. What was that all about? Feeling unsafe and uncomfortable I grabbed a pillow and went into Trevor's room. He was sleeping soundlessly and I slipped in next to him moving so my back was pressed against him. Feeling my presence he moved and wrapped his arms around my body and fell back to sleep mumbling words I didn't understand. I soon fell asleep with mixed feelings and having no idea what he meant by goodbye. Waking up the next morning Trevor had gotten up earlier then me. This is a surprise I thought to myself. Stretching I walked out to the living room where Trevor was watching T.V. I sat down beside him, he smiled and kissed my cheek.

"Good morning sleepy head." He said to me

"Good morning. I yawned." I said back. Leaning into him I rested my head on his shoulder and we watched T.V. for awhile before I realized what I had intended to do today.

"I have to get ready. I need to see Alex about the story she told last night." I said getting up and heading towards my room. I hear Trevor say from the living room,

"Why do you need to ask about that? Today you have the day off."

"I want to know more it interests me." I called back. He didn't say anything else as I dressed into some light clothes and slung my backpack over one arm. Leaving the house I made my way to Alex and Matt's house. Before knocking on the door I could hear Matt talking to Alex in a strict tone.

"I'm saying that I know something bad is going to happen, Alex. I heard the voices tell me about it. Believe me please babe." He said in a pleading tone I've never heard from him before.

"Matt on any case I would believe you. The voices usually tell you what will happen but I think this reading is completely wrong. Trevor and Gabriel fighting to the death? And on top of that the battle will be so fierce that most of the mortals will be killed? Matt I think that you may want to tell yourself this isn't going to happen." She said in a calming voice to him.

"I know you're wrong about this Alex. This isn't the first time they fought it certainly won't be their last. We have to either separate them or banish them. I can't put Pandora in danger." He said his voice raising.

"Matt I'm not helping you take them out or banish them." She said with some venom in her voice.

I backed away from the door as it swung open and Matt stormed out and left Alex in the house by her self. Entering and acting like I didn't hear anything I approached Alex.

"Hey Alex"

"Hello Hailee." She responded.

"Hey uh I was wondering about the story you told us about last night I wanted to know more about or ancestor."

"There is a library in the tree that has all the books about him and his time that you could ever want." She said with a kind smile. I wondered how her mood could change so fast from the harsh mean mood she had to the kind sweet Alex I know well.

"Thanks." I said going to head out to the library.

"No problem." She called back. I quickly went to the main room and found a staircase leading downwards. The stairs looking old and creaked when I stepped on them. I made my way down into the old room that smelled musty. Bookshelves covered every wall and every shelf was filled or overflowing with books. I sighed realizing the books I wanted would be impossible to find.

"Well this should be fun." I muttered to myself.


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