Skyward: The Beginning

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.
On a planet called Pandora, six teenagers who control the elements have to find their mark in this world. With the newly created fire element named Hailee joins the group, tension starts and chaos erupts. What will happen to Pandora if the elements are out of balance? Find out in Skyward: The Beginning.


14. Missing

I woke up to Alex shaking me with her eyes wide with worry.

"Hailee? Wake up. Gabriel's missing." She said, her voice shaky like she was just crying. I was still groggy from sleep and was registering what she said slowly .

"He is?" I asked still not grasping what she was saying.

"Yes we thought you might have known were he went."

"No I don't if he left he didn't say where to." I said more coldly than I intended. She started sobbing again but I didn't really understand why. Gabriel and her were never that close to begin with. She let me go and hurried out of my room. I slid out of bed, looking down I saw that I didn't change last night like I thought and Trevor must have turned the lights in my room off when he went to bed. I walked out of my room and saw that Trevor was already up and gone. Probably training with Zander at his house. I got something to eat and I went back into my room to take a shower. Where was Gabriel? Was his disappearance related to me and Trevor being together? Question after question popped into my head. I didn't really know what I thought about the situation, I just knew I needed to find Gabriel and talk to him. I finished up in the shower and dried off. I put on my clothes and some hunting boots. I went back to the kitchen and looked at the list on the fridge. I had to meet with Zander in five minutes for training. Hopefully I would get the gear that Trevor has today. I walked out of the house and headed over to Zander's. Gabriel's absence was still on my mind and I was way over thinking it by now. Getting to Zander's I knocked and waited. Trevor opened the door and Zander was close behind him.

"Oh, Hey Hailee, Zander and I were just talking about you." He smiled and hugged me. " I was telling him about how he should hook you up with your gear now."

"Yeah and I think you're more than ready for it." Zander said smirking.

"Well then what were you guys just standing here for? Lets get going." I said smiling.

"I have to get going I'm working with Matt today." Trevor said waving goodbye to Zander and kissing me goodbye. I walked into Zander's house and we went into his training room which was totally different from Gabriel's or ours. His training room had weapons of every kind. Swords of different length, size, color, and enchantment were sorted out on one half of a wall. Then in order it went: axes, war hammers, maces, bows, daggers, shields, and then suits. He grabbed a yellow war hammer off  a different wall and twirled it around.

"Ok. Lets get started. What hand to hand weapon are you best with?" He asked me leaning on the huge hammer.

"No idea really." I said feeling awkward I didn't know that much about weapons.

"Well then we will just have to try them all." He said taking a medium sized mace off the wall and tossing it to me. I grabbed it and tried hard not to completely drop it on the floor. It was seriously heavy. With a grunt I lifted it and balanced it on my shoulder. Zander ran at me with his hammer swinging around to attack I tried striking him with the mace and missed horribly. I dropped and rolled out of his way just before I got a hammer to the face. He spun around and laughed. "Ok. Maces are out, completely." He said picking it back up and placing it gently on the wall. He picked up an axe with a huge red blade on it and handed it to me. The grip was good and the axe had two blades on each side for better attack. This was much easier to work with I swung it around in a clumsy circle. "Lets go again." He said coming at me again with the war hammer swinging around for a hit. I managed to strike the hammer with the axe as  he swung at me. Bringing it back around I took a swing at him. The battle axe, being huge in size, knocked me off balance and I feel flat on my butt. Zander laughed at me and picked the axe up at put it back. "Ok. So we know you can't lift maces well and axes, well you just can't handle it with skill. So I guess we are down to swords." He said taking a long grey sword off the wall. It had a smooth blade on the bottom of the blade and designs on the top of the blade. Curls decorated it and ran down thw sword to the handle. the grip was decorated with the silver and white swirls and curls too. I grabbed it and held it with ease as Zander walked back he ran at me again still as strong as the first time. With a yell I swung the sword, connecting it with the hammer and sparks flew. He brought it around to move out of the swords hold on the hammer and to hit me. A blueish aura emitted from the sword and the middle of the blade turned blue. I smirked and countered the attacked by moving it sideways and blocking him. I knocked the hammer back and sliced the air next to him with the sword. Bringing it down to the ground Zander applauded me. "Nice work, so your primary weapon will be a sword. And this one to be exact." He said hanging his hammer on a separate wall next to his gear.

"I like it." I said running my hand up and down the blade. "It suits me."

"Mm that it does. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to wield it." Zander said grabbing a hilt for the sword out the a chest. " Now we need to find you a secondary weapon." He said handing me the hilt. I hung the hilt sideways on my hips and put the sword away. I walked over to where the bows were and I was looking at all the different kinds." So I'm guessing you want a bow as your secondary weapon."

"Yeah. I'm most familiar with it so it wont be hard to get used to it." I said to him.

"I know I've seen you shoot. With these two weapons you're a well rounded fighter. Close combat with the sword and long range or assassinations with the bow." He said to me. "So which one do you think will suit you. I'd pick the one that most closely resembles your sword." He took down a grey and white bow that was in the shape of a very loose 3. It had what looked like blades as the base of the bow and where the arrow went, two blue points stuck out from either side. I took it from him and held it. It was kind of heavy but enough to manage. He handed me an arrow for the bow which was gray and had a sharp blue point. I docked the arrow and aimed it at the one side of the room full of mannequins and targets. I  took aimed and fired hitting just barley below the bulls eye. "Nice shoot." Zander said smiling.

"Thanks." I said even though the compliment didn't mean much to me anyways. I put the bow around my shoulder and we moved on to the armor. We went through a lot of different things but settled on a white cloak like Trevor's only this would glow blue as the user attacked or fought instead of red. It was heavy and sort of weighed me down but I got used to it. My wings fit into the cloak with ease and I was able to fly well with it on. It was around late afternoon when we finished and I said tanks and goodbye to Zander as I went back home. I walked into the house to find Trevor sleeping on the couch with the T.V on. He was watching some show that I had never seen, probably something the mortals produced. I took off all my gear in my room and laid the bow up against the wall along with the quiver and laid my sword on my bed. I went back into the kitchen and made Trevor and I dinner.

"Trevor wake up." I called to him shaking his shoulders lightly. "You need to eat." Trevor grumbled at me and rolled over which made a little angry. I shoved him off the couch and he cursed at me on the floor.

"Fine. I'll get up." He said not fully awake. I had already had my food and was eating it in the living room by the time Trevor had sat back down. Gabriel's disappearance filled my head again and guilt and anger washed over me. I needed to find him but I had no idea where to look. I needed to know if the reason for his disappearance was because of Trevor and I or out of his own unknown intentions. Tomorrow morning I swore that I would look for him no matter what anyone said. Him being missing gave me a bad feeling.

"What are you thinking about?" Trevor said sitting down next to me.

"Gabriel." I said to him not fully explaining why I was thinking of him. I could sense that Trevor had tensed a little.

"Why are you thinking about him?"

"Well... Doesn't his disappearance seem a little odd to you?" I asked.

"Not really I mean Gabriel disappeared all the time after you were born doing who knows what." Trevor said, his temper dyeing down.

"Well I think its unnatural. He's not here and that fight between you two happened no to long ago. Maybe he wants to challenge you again, Trevor." I said my tone more serious.

"If he thinks he can beat me I'd like to see him try. I wouldn't worry about it. Ok?" He said pulling me close to him and kissing my forehead.

"Ok. I still think someone should go looking for him though Trevor. I mean he is still my friend and I'm worried about him. Even Alex broke down crying today. What was that all about anyways."

"No idea. Alex has her moments sometimes Hailee. She isn't perfect. Plus she treats us like her kids so maybe she has just grown attached to him." he said. I sighed in confusion.

"Yeah. Maybe you're right, maybe I am overthinking this a little."

"It's ok. I get that you worry. He will be fine." He said hugging me. We finished the rest of our dinner and watched T.V for a while before it got dark. I went into my room and put on pajamas and walked into Trevor's room.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" I asked him .

"Of course." He smiled and made room for me. I got comfortable and before long Trevor was asleep. I knew Trevor was probably right about Gabriel but tomorrow I was still heading out to see what Gabriel was up to.

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