Skyward: The Beginning

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.
On a planet called Pandora, six teenagers who control the elements have to find their mark in this world. With the newly created fire element named Hailee joins the group, tension starts and chaos erupts. What will happen to Pandora if the elements are out of balance? Find out in Skyward: The Beginning.


16. Gabriel Part 2

I grabbed my things and I took off toward the volcano Gabriel was hiding out at. I flew for awhile wondering if Trevor was coming after me or not. Knowing him he was probably tracking me right now. I landed at the bottom of the volcano and looked up. 

"So this was were I was created huh?" I said to myself

"Yep. Cool isn't it?" I jumped, startled by the unexpected voice. Gabriel grabbed my shoulders and held me steady. "Settle down it's only me." He said laughing and pulling me into a hug. I didn't hug him back which made him confused. "What? Not going to hug me now?" Gabriel said to me, a look of disappointment crossed his face.

"Sorry I just... Gabriel if you think I came here to hang out with you, I'm sorry to disappoint you." I said to him. "I came here to talk about what I think believe you ran away for." I said to him. 

"Ok. I thought as much. I just kinda wished you would've came to hang out." Gabriel said to me. "Well  lets not just stand here and waste time. Follow me I'll take you to my place." He said unfolding his white wings and flying up to a small opening to a cave on the volcano. I was hesitant to follow him at first but I gave in and sighed, unfolding my wings and flying up to the cave with him. A feel of regret gathered in  my chest. As I landed at the mouth of the cave I walked inside. It was surprisingly warm from the volcano heating the inside of it. Walking further I saw that Gabriel had been here before and had set up a living space in it. "It's not much but it's nice that I have somewhere to go when I need to be alone." He said, his back faced to me.

"It's nice. Anyways I came here to talk to you about why you ran off." I said to him as he sat down on a small couch that was worn. He waved his hand dismissing me. 

"Go on. Out with it." He said like he was higher than me which made me angry.

"Well I figured that you came here so that you could challenge Trevor later." I said to him. "And if that's not the reason you better have a good reason because I can't come to any other conclusion that you would whisper in my ear and leave without telling anyone where you are going." I folded my arms and leaned against the cave wall. 

"Well I will give you props you did catch on fast. I did come here to decide if I wanted to challenge Trevor or not but what confuses me about all of it is how you don't feel flattered about it." Gabriel said smirking and winking at me. 

"Wind?" I asked confused.

"Well  mean two boy that love you fighting over you. How are you not pleased by that?" He asked me.

"Because I don't want my mate and my friend fighting that's why." I said getting more angry than I already was. Orange flashed down his wings and I saw his eyes flare.

"Your WHAT?" he asked trying to calm himself. He got up from the couch and was next to me in incredible time almost pinning me to the wall. Fear filled my mind for a second as a rule came into my head. You don't make a fire element go into a rage. Ever."Please tell me you did not... mate." He almost choked on the words,"With that.. scum." Gabriel spat. 

"He is not scum Gabriel and I won't have you talking so lowly of him. And yes I did." I said as Gabriel let out a roar of rage and punched his fist into the wall making a huge indent. 

"You know I wasn't going to fight him. I decided against it for your sake. I hoped that if I just waited I could get you on my side have you fall for me without violence. But now I'm going to kill him." Gabriel said to me. I got up and shoved him.

"You wouldn't dare. I'd die before I let that happen." I drew my blade and it shimmered in the dim light of the cave. Gabriel let out a small chuckle. 

"You can't fight me. We're that same element Hailee." He said getting close to my face which made me want to squirm away. "Which is why we belong together we could be unstoppable and it would just make sense. Plus I could treat you way better than Trevor ever could. Just trust me Hailee just let it happen." He tried to grab me and hold me close but I ducked underneath of him and the dark flame shot down my arms again which, when I looked down at them and back up at Gabriel, made a crooked and twisted grin appear on my face. 

"We are the same up to a point Gabriel when you gave me the darkness you held inside of you." A look of horror crossed his face only for a moment.

"Hailee you know I never meant to give that to you. Now stop that you have no idea what that kind of power can do." Gabriel backed away a little from me. I couldn't think straight with this power the only thought that really popped into my head over and over was how angry I was getting and how I wanted blood to keep the anger at bay. I walked towards him. 

"I don't care." was the last words I think I said before I brought the sword down onto him. He rolled but I managed to get a swipe at his shoulder and it was bleeding. 

"Fine then don't listen to me." Gabriel said grabbing a mace that was hanging on the opposite wall and a throwing knives and threw some my way. I summoned my power and a black fire shot from my hand consuming the knives. He growled and fire came to his hands and he shot a huge blast of fire at me which I tumbled out of the cave to get away from. He followed close behind, wings spread racing towards me with the mace drew back ready to swing. I opened my wings and shot straight into the sky hoping to avoid him. He shot into the sky moments later shooting balls of fire at me. I never told my body what to do and I never actually figured out how to wield darkness. My body was on auto pilot as the darkness wielded itself shooting back balls of dark at him. Over head the sky was filling with clouds blocking the sun and I felt stronger. He got to my height and I lifted my palms and dark tendrils shot of the ground and caught his hand and legs holding him, trying to drag him back down to the ground. He roared and broke the dark that held him he sent a wave of darker fire at me which consumed me and burned me down to the soul. I screamed and fell right out of the sky. He caught me in his arms and he starting pushing his hand into my stomach and burning me. Black spots starting blurring my vision and my hands on autopilot summoned these black beast and creatures from the ground which attacked him and he dropped me and I fell to the ground. I kicked and crawled away from him. Bleeding and burning my energy and strength was fizzling. The darkness drained me quickly and I fell to my knees. Clutching my stomach I fell to the ground watching Gabriel fight off the beasts. He finished them off and walked over to me. 

He snickered and picked me up. I couldn't fight anymore or even move for that matter. He carried me to the top of the cave where he laid me down near the mouth of the cave. He touched my lips and a purpleish aura covered me.

"I know you can hear me. Don't say I never did nothing for you I'm healing you with this aura but I could have just have easily have killed you. And now you will have a permanent reminder of that. He touched my neck through the veil a burning sensation made me try to cry out but I could only choke out a whimper. "Hush Now it doesn't hurt that bad you control fire you should learn to handle it." He said looking up at me. The pain went on for 5 more minutes until he stood up and went back into his little home to go to bed. I passed out shortly later from my wounds and exhaustion.

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