Skyward: The Beginning

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.
On a planet called Pandora, six teenagers who control the elements have to find their mark in this world. With the newly created fire element named Hailee joins the group, tension starts and chaos erupts. What will happen to Pandora if the elements are out of balance? Find out in Skyward: The Beginning.


10. Flitiarn

Not realizing it, I must have fallen asleep on Flitiarn's back while I was distracted. I looked around noticing that dense forest came to a wide opening. A rocky cliff dominated most of the clearing with a waterfall going down the middle. A sparkling hot springs shimmered in the sunlight. Behind the waterfall was a cavern that was huge. Flitiarn made his way down the rocky cliff side surrounding the lake and walked behind the waterfall, setting me down gently next to him he laid down letting out a growl as he yawned and shut his eyes. Dawn was just breaking and I knew Gabriel was already up and probably coming to check on me and pump more pain killers into my IV. By the time he got there and saw I was gone he would wake Trevor and Trevor would probably go out looking for me. I laid my head on Flitiarn's said and closed my eyes. What did I get myself into? They are probably really worried that I left and not to mention how mad they would all be that I left and didn't tell any of them. They wont find you here ,sister. Flitiarn said into my mind. This area is sacred to the Earth so they can't track you here. I sighed in relief. At least I can stay hidden for a little while longer. I got up and walked out from behind the waterfall. I looked up at the pink morning sky and then down at the sparkling hot spring. I stood up and walked towards the wall of rock that surrounded the hot springs.

HaileeTrevor's voice came into my mind, he sounded worried. Hailee wherever you are you need to come back everyone is worried.... Me especially. Please be safe and if you don't come back soon I'm coming to look for you.

So much for hiding out for the day. I wasn't going to respond to him though because I knew that he would be able to track me. I knew I would make them worried about my disappearance but I went out by myself anyways. I'll go back tonight for sure. I don't understand why they are worried though; they don't need to be worried though I can take care of myself just fine. I kicked a rock into the water in frustration. Another thing I'll need to do is talk to Trevor about the fight with him and Gabriel. I still needed to know what they meant by challenging each other and I needed to see Gabriel's point of view on the fight too. God tomorrow was going to be a long day, I could feel it. Scaling the wall I made it to the forest I walked back into the cave to see Flitiarn staring at a wall. Looking closer I could see paw marks of all sizes staining the wall in a redish orange color.

"What are those?" I asked Flitiarn. I walked over by him and sat down.

"Those are the paw prints of my ancestors." Flitiarn said to me

"Fascinating." I said looking around the caves walls. Paw prints ranging from small paw prints to huge paw prints decorated the whole cave. "Why are they here? What happened?" I turned and looked at Flitiarn.

"The Great War is why they are here sister." He said his eyes softening as each word came out. "They are to remember our fallen, like mortals with graves... You see, when a wolf dies their spirit becomes one with the moons, on full moons we howl into the night sky to our ancestors and loved ones and hoping they will hear us." He said with pride. "But during the war so many wolves where lost we made this a shrine to honor the ones who fought in the war."

"What is this Great War, Flit?" I asked leaning forward in curiosity.

"The Great War was the worst time for wolves. I may as well start from the beginning from when I was a pup. When I was little I was born into the one of the strongest clans known to any wolf, the Shadow Walkers, which was a more brutal clan. Our neighboring clan was the Scarlet Fangs they were not nearly as strict and brutal as my clan but they where still a clan you didn't mess with. We were the two most feared clans of all time. The Scarlet Fangs and my clan were allied together and we all lived in harmony. We shared hunting territory, we would allow male wolves from their pack to mate with our females just like they allowed us to do they same. Everything was great until the last Alpha of our clan was born. His name was Colt Alb. Our leader, Regal Liderul, took a liking to him right away. I was head of the hunters and I tried to reason with Regal. He refused to listen and took Colt Alb under his wing as an apprentice. I had a bad feeling from the start and never trusted Colt. It turned out I was right when after 5 months of being in our clan he disappeared for sometime. No one knew what had happened until it was too late. Colt Alb had gone to the Scarlet Fangs and had killed their leader and ran off. Since Colt was one of the Shadow Walkers and an Alpha; the Scarlet Fangs assumed we had sent him to break the treaty and to start a war. The battled us for a long time and killed many of us. I tried grouping up my team of hunters to go after Colt Alb in order to execute him for his crimes. We set up our base here in this cavern in order to hunt down Colt Alb without our location being found out. Colt Alb was one of the strongest Alphas I've ever seen. He fought with brute strength and precision, he never missed his target and planned every move strategically. I lost all of my hunters besides five of them and me. I didn't want to lose anymore hunters that I trained and mentored since they were pups so set out to face him myself. It was a long, hard, and bloody battle. It ended with him on the ground almost dead and I was limping and bleeding out heavily. As in his final moments if life he had said to me that he was glad that he was killed by a evenly matched opponent, older brother. I slowly walked up to him with a look of disgust on my face saying that he would never be my brother and as I did he jumped up and slashed across my face leaving the scars on my eye as a memory of his death and what had happened during the time. Due to all the injuries I had gotten I passed out. I later woke up in this cave to my second in command, or best friend that I knew since I was a pup, his name was Lykos'igemones. He was a completely white wolf born with red eyes like mine which labeled us as one of the lowest status in our hierarchy for our clan. He had unusual pitch black claws and a black scar of claw marks from Colt Alb running down his left flank. Lykos'igemones also had scars of claw marks down his muzzle from a fight with some of our clan members when we were younger. Anyways getting off topic, He carried me back and tended to my wounds. After a few days when I finally regained my strength we had taken our fallen comrades and put their prints here and buried them properly to remember them and to send their spirits to the moons." He said to me.

"Wow Flit... That's incredible I would have never guessed Colt Alb would have been your brother and that you could have wars... I'm guessing that's why no wolves where around our tree then."


"Yes that was more than likely the reason." Flit nodded in agreement

"What ever happened to Lykos though after he rescued you?" I asked him.


"Lykos and I decided it would be best to go lone for awhile or forever after the war. We would be outcasts if we tried to come into another pack because of our eyes and we didn't want to prove our worth to a pack that we could tear apart in seconds. I wish I knew where he was now though."  He said to me getting up and walking towards the mouth of the cavern. "Lykos was my only true friend and we had each others backs no matter what. You could say we were the perfect team."

"I know you will find Lykos, Flit." I said nodding to myself

"How would you know that, sister?" Flit said turning and looking me directly in the eye.

"I don't but I have a feeling you will and it will be sooner than you think." I said again. I didn't know how I knew he would be seeing him soon. I didn't have any powers to see into the future that I knew of to even guarantee it. My mind just kept telling me that Lykos would be joining  Flit and I soon. I looked into the sky to see that we had talked through most of lunch and into the evening and I was starving. I could tell by the way Flit was walking uncomfortably that he was also famished.

"Go out and get some food Flit you look like your starving." I said shooing him out of the cave.

"Thanks I'll be back soon Hailee." He said turning up towards the rocky cliff side and running .

"Take your time." I mumbled to myself and walked over the clear water and cleared my head. I made an orb of fire and slowly made it go into the water making a bubble under water I channeled it to a group of fish and made a bubble around them and cut off the supply of oxygen with my fire and brought it up to the surface. I had caught a fish about a two feet in length with spikes coming out from behind its fins for protection. I took out my hunting dagger and cleaned the fish. I took it over to the campfire I had made the night before and cooked it. Night was falling fast and I could see the two moons coming over the trees. Flit was no where to be found which worried me but I assumed he was busy hunting. Then I heard a noise from outside of the cave and I quickly put out the fire. I drew my bow and pulled an arrow out from my quiver. I slowly walked out and saw a dark figure make its way towards the waterfall with a giant white wolf at the top of the cliff. With the darkness hiding me I waited until he was right by the mouth of the cave and I put back my bow and drew my dagger before I jumped out, dagger at the ready. By the time the man knew what had happened I had him up against the wall of the cave with a dagger to his throat ready to kill. Then I heard his familiar voice yell "Hailee stop it's me!!!"


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