Skyward: The Beginning

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.
On a planet called Pandora, six teenagers who control the elements have to find their mark in this world. With the newly created fire element named Hailee joins the group, tension starts and chaos erupts. What will happen to Pandora if the elements are out of balance? Find out in Skyward: The Beginning.


9. Fight

I heard voices when I started to become conscious again. I heard Trevor and Gabriel in the other room talk to one another. I looked around and saw that I was back home in my bed with bandages on me and a tube going into my arm. I could only see Gabriel, his face was turning red and he looked terrifying. His eyes were blazing orange and his wings were orange too.

"Why would you take her to fight a tiger when shes not ready!? She's not as strong as you Gabriel you should have known better!" Trevor said to Gabriel.

"She is strong enough Trevor I watched her battle the damn thing! Not like you would know because you never push her training to the maximum so you wouldn't even know!" Gabriel spat back at Trevor.

"You weren't even there for most of her life Gabriel!! If anyone knows her I do. Don't even try to question how I've treated and trained her!" Trevor yelled.

"Fuck you Trevor! You only got voted to take her because of the accident so don't even go there." Gabriel screamed at Trevor and flames formed around his arms.

"They had good reason to vote for me in place of you anyways." Trevor said to him.

"Whatever, sooner or later you'll realize I should have been the one to take her to the mountains, not you." Gabriel said to him, "she wanted to take on the tiger anyhow so don't think I forced her."

"I'll never think that you should have been the one to take her. Don't try and challenge me Gabriel for her. And like I said she's not strong enough." Trevor said slamming the door between him and Gabriel and sat down next to me. I slowed my breath and closed my eyes making it seem I didn't hear what just went on. He sighed and put his hands on his face. I wish I could have said something but he would deny everything that went on to protect me. I just let the medicine go though my veins and passed out. When I regained consciousness Trevor was fast asleep next to the bedside I slowly sat up and removed the tube from my arm. I slid out from the covers and walked to the door. Thank god this house is new and you don't hear the door or floorboards creek. I exited our house and cautiously walked my way to the flying platform. I spread my wings and they tingled as the medicine was wearing out. I ran and jumped, catching myself again, I flew having no where to go. I needed to go somewhere. I needed to I flew for a long time before I saw a group of three wolves coming back from a hunt I followed them from above until they reached thier territory. I landed behind a tree and poked my head out from the side. I watched as they were greeted by the other wolves and put their game down by the mouth of a cave. They backed up and bowed and; then I saw why; coming out from the mouth of the cave was the biggest wolf I've ever seen. His coat was black as night and his eyes glowed a deep red. He moved to show a scar going across one of his eyes; he bit into the game and the rest of the pack followed. I watched for awhile until most of the pack had gone into the cave and the alpha wolf was lying on the ground outside. I needed to prove I wasn't weak and that I was strong enough to bond with my spirit animal. I moved stealthy out from behind the tree and moved out in front of the wolf. He turned his head towards me and let out a breath which I presumed to be a sigh. I walked in front of him and held my ground. He stood up and howled into the night sky, he moved into a defense stance and bared his teeth at me. We ran at the same time and I slid underneath him making sure he couldn't bite or slash at me. Grabbing the side of him I leaped onto his back and grabbed the scruff of his neck. He tried rotating his head and snapping his teeth next to my hand. I wasn't backing down though, I was determined to prove that I was strong enough. He growled and howled and tried to fight me with all of his might, biting and clawing at me. He finally got my arm into his mouth and bit hard. I screamed in pain and black spots clouded my vision again.

"You are mine!" I yelled and willed the bond to happen as best as I could. My hands heated up and I looked to see instead of fire around my hands a purple aura formed around my hands and the wolf's neck. The purple aura blossomed around the wolf and I could feel the warm aura flow through me and the wolf. I did it, I got a spirit animal on my own without any help.

"Wait till they hear about this, they'll think twice before calling me weak." I said not thinking anyone could hear me.

"Who ever said you were weak?" A voice said back. I jumped and looked around scanning the area. No one had followed me and no one was in the woods surrounding me. The only other person who could have said that was...

"You seem startled that I can speak to you." The wolf said to me.

"Yeah just a little bit, I'm not quite used to animals speaking." I said to him.

"A bond is a connection between a guardian and its spirit animal. Nothing can break the bond and there is only one animal that can bond with the guardian. Or you to be specific, some find their spirits soon maybe as soon as when their created. Others could go a very long time without finding theirs. And because they are bonded you share everything. This is why I can talk because we are bonded." He said to me. I realized that my arm no longer hurt and I looked down at it to see that my arm was close to fully healing itself.

"Interesting.. Um I'm Hailee by the way." I said to the wolf. I slid off of his back so I could look him in the face, even though he was around 10 feet tall. Alpha's are the best of a species they are the biggest and strongest of their kind. Pandora's animals are doubled in size but an alpha is double that.

"Flitiarn." He said back. I thought about his name for a moment before realizing his name was celtic meaning lord of the wolves. "Very good, not many actually know what my name means." I nodded at him and smiled. I couldn't go back the fort because I still wanted to be alone and I knew they would be mad that I left and Trevor will have already figured out that I left.

"Flitiarn." I said to him.

"Hmm? What is it Hailee?" He asked me.

"I can't go home tonight because I kind of snuck out tonight and I just need to be alone for a day." I frowned and jumped onto Flitiarn's back.

"I understand Hailee, I know just the place to go." He said to me. I sighed and buried my face into his back as he darted off into deeper into the woods. I started thinking about the fight I heard not to long ago between Gabriel and Trevor. Me and Gabriel were just friends and that's all I knew. I didn't understand why he would defend me or why he was supposed to take me to the mountain to train me. I wanted to know what feuds had occurred over me and why I couldn't remember the early part of my life. There were so many questions I needed answered but I knew no one would tell me. I was thinking too hard about all of this and I let my mind go blank and I listened to Flitiarn's feet hitting the ground. I knew as long as I was with Flitiarn I would have someone there for me and I figured out that having a spirit animal was a lot more special than I thought.

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