Skyward: The Beginning

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.
On a planet called Pandora, six teenagers who control the elements have to find their mark in this world. With the newly created fire element named Hailee joins the group, tension starts and chaos erupts. What will happen to Pandora if the elements are out of balance? Find out in Skyward: The Beginning.


18. Comes A New Beginning

The aura around me started to fade and I sat up. My whole body still ached and as I tried to extend my wings to fly they refused to open. I stood and looked down to see Trevor laying there with the Gabriel laying face down next to him. I tried sliding down the rocky surface towards them but I slipped and fell most of the way down getting cut up and bruised. When I reached the bottom I fell to my knees as I took the whole thing in. I wished I was dreaming, I wished that this would have never happened at all. I tried to prevent it and I failed. Tears started to blur my vision and I wiped them away and tried to control myself. I looked over a Gabriel's still body. My heart felt like mush. I shouldn't feel like that for him he was the one who wanted this.

"My existence caused this." A single tear rolling down my face, looking over at Trevor and seeing him that way made me cry a little.

"I'm so sorry I failed both of you." I sighed and tried to hold my emotions back "I'm so sorry it had to be this way." I thought of Trevor agian and I went over to him trying to feel for a pulse. I could feel he was still alive but just clinging to life. I straightened myself and controlled my emotions for a moment.

Flit can you hear me? I said in my head to him. A long pause followed

Yes. What is wrong Hailee?

I need you here... NowMy voice got distraught and shaky.

I will be there in only moments hold on.

Thank you.

Waiting for Flitiarn I wanted to see just how bad Trevor was. I pulled off his cloak and I had to cut off the shirt he was wearing because it was caked in dirt, sweat, and blood. His chest had burns and cuts going across it. Some deep and others minor. Looking at his hand he had a burn mark going up his arm and ending at his shoulder in a spiral. I tried to touch the burn to see if I could heal him like Gabriel had for me but it only resulted with his body flinching. Drawing my hand back I tried to dress some the wound by ripping off cleaner pieces of his shirt and parts of mine and wrapping them around him.

"Hailee?" Someone from behind me said. I jumped and spun around, knife drawn, protecting Trevor. Flit whimpered a little and backed up. I lowered my knife and got up.

"Sorry you scared me."

"I said your name several times to make sure not to startle you. You must have been busy."

"I'm sorry."

"Is Trevor alright?" Flit said approaching him and whimpering.

"No. He unconscious and I have no idea how bad he actually is." I admitted.

"And him?" Flit look over at Gabriel.

"No longer with us Flit." I said sighing and trying not to cry.

"May he be one with the moons." Flit said looking up into the morning sky where two moons where fading with the sunrise.

"No, Flit he won't be going to the moons. He will be reborn again in the years to come in the fires  he was first created in." I looked at Gabriel and put my hand on his still body. "May he be one with Pandora and his element." Fire came to my hands and I set him out of the world the way he came in. It's how he would have wanted it.

"We need to take Trevor back to the tree Flit." I got up and went over to Trevor and tried to lift him onto Flit's back. It took a little bit but Flit helped me nudge him over his head and onto the front of his  back. I hopped onto Flit's back and secured Trevor as best as I could. Flit took off towards home.

"How did this all even happen? Was this a fight for who was Alpha? Or for a mate?"  Flit asked me.

"I guess you could say both. And because Gabriel let his hatred destroy him inside." Guilt settled in my chest and my heart grew heavy. The grief of losing my friend and I hardly knew him for that long stung me.

"Don't have sadness in your heart, young one. It is not your fault." Flit said trying to ease my pain.

'It is my fault Flit. Gabriel gave me the element of darkness and it took control of me." I said starting to get angry. "This.. Thing that I posses is a curse. It has given me nothing but bad and I lost Gabriel and maybe Trevor for it. I gritted my teeth." I wished I was never created, then this stupid curse would never have threatened anyone except Gabriel. But he was keeping it a secret until he passed it onto me. And then this wouldn't have happened either." I said to him.

"The darkness is not a curse if you know how to use it and control it. You just need to be taught. And this fight would have happened either way. Without your creation the fight would have been much bigger than this. Your creation prevented a war Hailee." Flit said calmly. I believed him about the war part.

"But who will teach me? No one has this curse but me." I said with a harsh tone. Flit took a minute before responding.

"Young one you are so dependent on others to teach you what you do not know. You need to learn to learn to be your own teacher. When you have anything happen to you, remember it. Remember what happened and how it did and how it was caused.  Write it down and remember what emotions or what things caused that to happen so you can learn from it and grow from it. It will take time, believe me it will take a lot of time. But you will get it and understand it in time."

His words warmed my heart and I knew he believed in me. I saw the tree house come into view. I jumped off of Flit's back and spread my wings flying as hard as I could barley able to keep myself in the air much longer I landed on the platform. I ran as fast as I could to Alex and Matt's house banging on the door only to get no response. I forced the door open and it looked like the place had been abandoned. I turned around and Zander was running over to me a look of worry crossed his face.

"Whats going on? They left shortly after Trevor went to find you." Zander said to me.

"Oh I'm sorry, but Trevor needs help.. Like badly."

"Where is he?" Zander asked me. "Bring him to me I can help."

"I cant fly him up here Zander I'm still too weak and I know you can't get him all by yourself."

"That's ok follow me." Zander lead me to the main area of the tree Pulling a lever the tree opened to reveal an elevator. Zander walked in and I followed. pushing a button we ascended down to the bottom of the tree. Lykos was behind Flit whining and nuzzling Trevor's head with his snout.

"Flit follow us up here and Lykos you can come too. Come on." I waved them in and they followed me. As we ascended to the top and I snorted looking at Zander's face.

"You could have picked any spirit animal but they both had to be two giant Alpha dire wolves." He said making me laugh.

"It's not like we had a choice they pick you as well Zander." I explained to him


When we got to the top I took Flit and Lykos into our house and helped set Trevor down on the bed. We got him situated and Flit went and laid down in the living room and Lykos followed close behind him. I went into the kitchen and saw that Zander was frantically making this weird potion.

"What are you doing?" I asked Zander

"Making a healing drink can you hand me that?" He asked not even looking at me. I looked at the weird twisted root and handed it to him. He crushed it up and put it into the glass making it turn a brownish green color. I followed him into Trevor's room and he opened his mouth and poured the liquid into his mouth. Trevor coughed and sputtered.

"What will happen is he going to be ok?" I asked getting worried.

"He will be fine. You got him here just in time to save him. The potion will heal him faster, plus knowing how fast we heal from our wounds. He should be awake in a day or two. I need to talk to you though can you follow me?" I nodded and Zander led me into the living room and he sat down on one couch and I sat on the other.

"So tell me what all happened?" Zander asked me. The tone of voice he had and the way he was handling all of this was weird for me. I always knew he was a funny jokester kind of guy but now he seemed hurt and confused.

"Well you know I left soon after Gabriel did. And then I'm not too sure when Trevor left exactly but then he went after me." I sighed knowing I had to tell Zander about the darkness." I found Gabriel and he tried to persuade me to be with him and not Trevor but I only like his as a friend and I couldn't betray Trevor like that. I got mad at Gabriel and then... Something weird happened. I found out that I had a new element or um, power. It was darkness I think and I know Gabriel had it before me because I am starting to dream about the future and the past. I lost that fight with him and I was severely injured. He tried to heal me though and it worked but I should have stayed in there a bit longer to actually fully heal. Trevor and Gabriel fought for dominance and Trevor ended up winning but just barley and then, again the aura around me that was healing me wore out because Gabriel's spirit passed on." I said to him. He sat there patiently and thought about it for a moment before responding.

"Ok now I'm getting it a bit more. Everything lately has just been so secretive and lock and key and I hate it. I do need to tell you my thoughts on Gabriel having the darkness power first and it would explain why it comes out in times of extreme negative emotions. First off, might want to brace yourself for this, Gabriel wasn't created like we were he was born. Alex and Matt had him which is why they left hearing the news of Trevor going to fight him. What makes me believe he had the darkness is because he was born immortal and that doesn't happen. Anyone not created is either mortal or what we call a hybrid. Gabriel should have been a hybrid that would have lived as long as any mortal would."

"So you're thinking that maybe Gabriel, because he was born immortal, was cursed with the darkness by nature to keep it fair you mean?" I asked him and he nodded.

"That is what I suspect, yeah. I just don't understand how it would get transferred to you. I mean I know that he must have been in a very angry state near you and maybe because you were newly created it attached to you." Zander said.

"Anyways you will probably just have to start learning how to use it. Anyways, I know that Gabriel's spirit is still out there and he will be re-created in give or take 5 to 10 years which sounds long but its quick for an immortal. We will need to prepare for the day that he does and we need to start gathering hybrids that will want to fight with us. It will be harder now. Those two fights must have caused major damage to most of the cities on Pandora." I nodded." Trevor already talked to me about fighting Gabriel and he already knows about getting hybrids to live with us." He said. We talked a bit more about how we will get them and what will happen to the tree house now that's its just us three. We talked about hunting and making plans so that we never have to worry about much except for the coming of Gabriel and that even as a spirit he might still rally hybrids like we might. Evening came and I was exhausted. I said goodnight and headed to bed, Flit following close on my heels. Zander fell asleep on the couch and Lykos went into Trevor's room to be with Trevor. I changed into pajamas and got into bed. Flit laid next to me and nuzzled me.

"Goodnight Flit. I love you." I said wrapping my arms around him trying not to cry.

"Goodnight Hailee and I love you too. And I know you are worried about your mate but he will be ok. I know it." He rested his head and we both fell asleep.

"I really hope your right." I mumbled.



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