Skyward: The Beginning

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.
On a planet called Pandora, six teenagers who control the elements have to find their mark in this world. With the newly created fire element named Hailee joins the group, tension starts and chaos erupts. What will happen to Pandora if the elements are out of balance? Find out in Skyward: The Beginning.


8. Claw of the Tiger

I woke up clinging to Trevor and his arms wrapped tightly around me. I moved to break free of his hold because truthfully it was getting hard to breathe. His eyes opened and he smiled as he saw me lying next to him. He kissed my forehead and loosened his grip on me I got up and changed my clothes to something light, knowing I had training with Gabriel today.


"Training today." Trevor mumbled to me.


"I know nothing new though we trained all the time together." I said back to him as he sat up.


"Yeah but this will be more elemental training and learning more skills than I could teach you. I'm still learning too you know." He said smiling at me and getting out of bed and heading over to his room to change.


"Oh, by the way I'm really surprised you’re even up this early." I said teasing him.


"You’re so funny you should be a comedian." I could tell he was rolling his eye from the other room. I laughed and headed into the kitchen to grab something to eat.


"I'm leaving now." I called to him.


"Ok! See you tonight." He said back. I opened the door and walked over to Gabriel's house I knocked on the door right as he opened it. He smiled at me


"Well just the girl I was looking for I was just about to come get you." He laughed and unfolded his white wings. "You ready to go try and get your spirit animal?"


"Of course I'm ready. But I don’t really know how to go about getting one." I said shifting my feet awkwardly. I was unfair that he was older than me and had a lot more training than I did. I made me feel like I was just created and everyone knew what they were doing except for me.


"Don't worry I'll tell you on the way." He said walking next to me to the platform. I unfolded my wings and stretched relaxing myself. We took off and we flew over the treetops and it was nice being able to fly again.


So about bonding with your spirit animal. First you need to find the animal that you feel fits you then we need to find it. You will need to battle it first to show that your worthy of bonding with it. If it's not right you will know because the bond won't be established. You just battle it and then try to make a bond with it. Preferably, you may want to jump onto its back and hold on while establishing a bond. Gabriel said into my mind.


 Will it be easy if it's meant to be and the bond i supposed to happen? I asked him. I had to animals in mind but both of them are huge and will be extremely hard to battle if it’s not right.


Yes it won't be long and it won’t try to kill you. You will know if it's right. What animals do you have in mind? He asked me.


Tiger and wolf are my two animals that I can think of. I said back to him He nodded at me.


Ok well we are close to where the tigers usually are so we can do that first. He said back into my mind


We banked to the left and started descending towards the ground. We landed next to an opening in the trees and I saw why. In front of us was a tiger eating a deer that looked as though it had just been killed. The tiger looked young but was about 6 feet tall and was about 16 feet in length.


"Ok so what do I do now?" I asked Gabriel in a whisper. Ducking low so the tiger wouldn't see us.


"Just approach it carefully and then when your close to it walk up to it. It will know that your challenging it and then the battle will begin." He said back "But this is your fight so I can't help you with it. I'll be there for you if things go south." He said back placing a hand on my shoulder and nudging me forward toward the tiger. I got low and walked towards the tiger. I was about 5 feet from it before I stood up and walked towards him. He stared at me and then lowered himself and growled at me. I braced myself and we ran at each other at the same time. He leaped at me and I grabbed his front paws with my hands and pushed him back, hearing the sound of his jaws snap at me. I spun around fast and without trying a streak of fire trailed behind me. I smirked knowing my element was helping me and was ready for action. I spun my hands around and blasted fire out of my hands and formed a circle around me and the tiger. He jumped at me again and before I could dodge it he bite into my shoulder and threw me down to the ground. My shoulder got hot and I looked over to see blood trickling down my arm. Black spots dotted the corner of my eyes. I was getting angry and flames shot from my hands at the ground and around my body. I ran at the tiger again sliding underneath him before he could grab me again. I twisted around and jumped onto his back trying to hold on with all my might. He tried to get me off as best as he could but failed every time.


Make the bond Hailee! Gabriel shouted into my head. Before I knew it though the tiger threw itself on the ground crushing me. I let out a scream and fell off. The tiger ran at me and had swiped one if it's claws against my stomach. I let out another scream again as the sharp pain coursed through my entire body. Black spots almost blinded my vision.


I curled up in defeat and clutched my stomach harder. I felt heat all around me to see Gabriel fighting the tiger back with fire and the tiger, getting surrounded in fire, turned around and fled. The last thing I saw was Gabriel picking me up before I fell unconscious.

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