Skyward: The Beginning

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.
On a planet called Pandora, six teenagers who control the elements have to find their mark in this world. With the newly created fire element named Hailee joins the group, tension starts and chaos erupts. What will happen to Pandora if the elements are out of balance? Find out in Skyward: The Beginning.


11. Bonding

"Trevor?" I said not taking my dagger off of him in case he had cloaked his voice to fool me.

"Yes! Its me now please can we not try to kill Trevor?" He said back. My other hand lit up to show his face. It was Trevor that I had my dagger pressed up against. I dropped the knife and wrapped my arms around him. "Well at least we know that my self defense training paid off." He said and laughed and wrapped his arms around me too, kissing me on my forehead. My hand brushed against something cool and sharp and I pulled back my hand in surprise and looked at him.

"What's that on your back?" I asked him.

"You mean my sword? Zander fitted me with it when we were weapon fitting." He pulled out a primary five foot long sword with a dark gray blade and a black handle. Near the bottom of the blade was a midnight blue crystal in the center glowing intensely. "Oh and he also gave me some sweet daggers which I modified.. A tiny bit." putting his sword back he drew his duel daggers which were identical. They had a crimson handles and ebony blades with sharp serrations in the middle of the blades and black three inch spikes sticking out at the butt of the handles. He had black colored crossed hilts to hold them going around his waist. The best part about his daggers is the fact that the daggers had a smoky black ora going around them when he drew them.

"A little bit?" I snickered. He put the daggers back and laughed.

"Ok, maybe a lot of modifying. But, you have to admit they look badass now." He said smirking at me. "Wait till you get weapon fitting you will probably get some sweet gear and weapons too Hailee." Looking at him now he had a long black like thing that hooded his face and was snugly buttoned by his chest. The trim of the cloak was a crimson red and two holes where cut in the back for his wings to go out of. Underneath he had a red shirt on and black pants which lead to his hightop shoes that he never left home without.

"Well I feel a little shown up in style right now." I said to him looking him up and down.

"Its what I decided looked the best with my armor, I really like it." He said

"I really like it too especially the new weapons u have, and the cloak you have is cool too." I said watching him try to look himself up and down.

"Are we done with the mushy lovey stuff?" The white wolf said as he walked into the mouth of the cave. I looked at him in shock because this was Lykos it had to be. He had the same scar Flit described and everything.

"Oh yeah, this is Lykos'igemones, meaning wolf overlord in Greek. He's my spirit animal and has been for awhile." He said.

"But believe me I didn't give him an easy fight." Lykos said grinning and baring his razor teeth at Trevor. Trevor laughed at pushed him away by the muzzle.

"How come I haven't seen him then." I smiled.

"Because he only comes if I summon him and I haven't needed him while I was training you. Plus I didn't know how to teach you how to bond with your spirit animal. Its almost impossible to teach someone how." He said back to me.

"I know you can't teach someone. Gabriel tried and as you can see I failed miserably." I said feeling embarrassed which I quickly tried to hide. "But anyways, I've taught myself how to bond with my spirit animal. I didn't need any training or anyone to show me. I did it on my own and I was ready." I said looking at Trevor with a hurt expression. His eyes feel to the floor and his face flushed.

"You heard all that didn't you.." He said looking back up at me.

"Yes I did hear all that." I said back to him.

"Hailee, I didn't mean that you weren't strong enough, I just don't want anything to happen to you. When Gabriel brought you back to the base... You looked like you were barley alive. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you, and if it was Gabriel's fault your were gone." He said looking me in the eyes and pulling me close to him. I hugged him and my anger and hurt from the night before quickly vanished.

"I get it, Trevor." I said back to him. He let me go of his embrace and looked at me.

"You are strong, just please don't push your limits." He said to me. I nodded back to him. Then before I could realize that Flit was near the cave he had cleared the opening and was tackling Lykos.

"Lykos!" Flit excitedly said.

"Flitiarn?! Is that really you?" Lykos said howling and tackling Flit back.

"Yes it's me, brother." Flit said standing up proudly.

"I thought I'd never see you again. I figured we both went our separate ways and wouldn't meet again." Lykos said to Flit.

"Neither did I Lykos, it's good to see you. You know I thought Hailee was joking when she said I'd see you soon." He said looking at him and then back at me. "How did you know, Hailee?"

"I-I.. Well I didn't. Call it a coincidence I guess? I don't know how I knew I just had a feeling." I said blushing.

"Well call it a coincidence if you want but thank you." Flit said bowing his head and nuzzling me. I laughed and nodded at him. Lykos and Flit walked to the far back of the cave to talk.

"Well I guess were alone for now." Trevor said sitting down next to the fireless fire pit, smirking at me. I snapped my fingers together and the fire was back to where it was again.

"Yeah I guess so. I need to talk to you though." I said scooting next to him and letting him put his arm around me; I moved so that my shoulder fit perfectly in the crook of his arm.

"Ok, what are we talking about?" Trevor said back to me.

"I heard you and Gabriel fighting." I said to him.

"You were awake?" Trevor asked. I nodded back to him.

"Yes I was awake. What I wanted to talk to you about though is what you and Gabriel meant by challenging each other agian and what did he mean by he was supposed to be the one to take me to the moutian?" I asked, the words spilling from my mouth fast and bunched together. Trevor sighed and looked down at the ground.

"When you were created Hailee we all knew you were a fire element. I mean you were created out of the eruption of the biggest volcano on Pandora. Gabriel and I were sent to get you, or at least go see what had happened. When we found you we both had a feeling like we were drawn to you. For Gabriel he said it was because you were both the same. But, that never explained why I had this feeling of being drawn to you. When I wasn't watching you I had a longing for you. I'd wonder why I felt that way about you," he laughed a little to himself, "When I took you to our house in the mountians, some nights I'd lay there while you slept and I'd wonder why I loved you so much. But Gabriel didn't like that I also had this longing for you and he tried pushing me away from you. He said that you didn't need me and he was a lot better for you. I didn't belive it though because even when we found you, you clung to me, sure you were also very close and fond of Gabriel too, but every time I'd watch you and make sure you were ok in your pure form you'd light up and glow a cherry red color. You'd ask for me alot too when you could remember more which made Gabriel even more angry. He got to the point where he was so mad he challenged me for you and I won. I spared his life because he was my friend and then took you to our home in the mountians after that so Gabriel could cool down." He said to me. Looking me dead in the eyes. Leaning over I kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you for telling me, Trevor." I said to him. Feeling like he'd exposed a big part of his life he had kept quiet to me, I felt closer to him than ever. I must have looked ridiculous as the thought crossed my mind and I smiled wide and couldn't stop.

"What are you so happy about?" He teased.

"Just that I'm glad you told me. I feel like now we can trust each other a lot more and... well I know now that I will want to be with you for eternity." I said noticing his eyes twinkling at the thought. He grabbed my waist and pushed me down to the ground kissing me and whispering in my ear

"I love you, Hailee." He said nipping at my ear. Pulling him close we sealed our bond to last together throughout eternity. If the bond happened to break they both were to live in a life of solitude.

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