Skyward: The Beginning

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.
On a planet called Pandora, six teenagers who control the elements have to find their mark in this world. With the newly created fire element named Hailee joins the group, tension starts and chaos erupts. What will happen to Pandora if the elements are out of balance? Find out in Skyward: The Beginning.


24. A Few Months Later

It's been five months and nothing really has changed. Luke settled in and he's become a huge part of our family. He gets better and better in his training, almost like it was second nature to him.

A new girl named Heather is staying with us now too. Snow could care less about her though and I can see why; they are complete opposites. Heather talks to me, mostly because she can't find anyone else to talk to. I think it's because she can be stuck up and bossy.

We found that she has the ability to move swiftly and produce deadly poison. She also gets rare gems and ores to pop up out of the ground sometimes; which explains why she was so rich. She lived like royalty before what they call the "Collapse" and she hates it when we don't treat her like so.

"Hey, Hailee." Heather said, I turned around and saw her tall, skinny figure leaning against the door frame. Her black hair tumbling down her back like an oil spill. She looked like she could pass as a model if she wanted to. Although she much preferred doing assassination jobs on the side for mortals.

"Hey, Heather. What do you need?" I asked, sticking my journal into a drawer of my desk, and making it disappear.

"Nothing, I just thought I'd come see you since I have no training today and Snow was being a complete drag when I talked to her."

"Oh, well Snow and I were training all day so I'd bet she is tired."

"Yeah, You realllyy need to cut back on training, I mean I'm already the best I can be I was an assassin remember? Plus I look so filthy afterwards."

"Yeah sorry. I do what I think is best for you guys." I said to her, she rolled her eyes at me.

"Oh by the way can you-"

"No I can't." I said, cutting her off.

"You don't even know what I was going to say!" She protested.

"I already saw what you were going to say and the answer is still no. I'm not making you a bigger room, it's already like a mansion." I replied, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I grabbed out my sketchpad and flipped to an open page and started drawing. Heather pouted behind me and I knew she wasn't leaving.

"Aw come on, I hate when you do that, it's not fair that you can see things before they even happen." She said walking over to me, I swore I hear her grumble Same with Luke. But I wasn't sure.

"You know if you were nicer, people would like you more." I said, not even looking up from my drawing. I made swift motions trying to get the wings down right. She snorted and I could almost feel her eye roll.

"Why? I'm doing just fine and you're really the only person that I want to talk to." She said to me. "If they want to be my friend they should ask me, not the other way around." I snorted and she gave me a glare. "You wouldn't understand." She said finally. Which only made me smile more. She grabbed out a weird touch screen device and started tapping on it wildly. I didn't know why she carried it around with her everywhere but I guessed it was what kept her entertained. We stayed in silence until I finished my drawing. I looked down at it, looking for any little mistakes that I might have made. I drew the time when Snow and I went fishing and found Luke. I ripped it out and hung it on my wall where tone of other drawings and paintings hung. Heather got up and looked up and down the wall before letting out a low whistle.

"You need to get out more, there has got to be at least one hundred pictures up here." Heather said. I laughed at her comment.

"Yeah, I might." I responded. Her eyes grazed over the paintings, taking them all in. I shifted uncomfortably as it was rare that I let anyone look at all my art. 

"You draw from what you've seen right?" She asked me finally.

"Mostly yes I do. Some of the one lower on the wall come from dreams I've had or things I imagine." I said to her. Her hand landed on one of the paintings I did a long time ago. Gabriel, wings open in the sky was doing a corkscrew mid-air. I drew his white, dove like, wings. His mouth opened up into a smile and he was looking up at me. This was right before we went to tame the tiger. 

"He's hot. What's his name?" She asked me. 

"Gabriel. He was a friend of mine." I said back to her, the scene of losing him played in my head, Trevor's sword slicing his neck.

"What happened to him?" She asked.

"He died a couple of years ago. He is who we are training to fight, remember?" I asked her almost venomously. She nodded,

"Well I would not mind getting to know him on a more personal level." She said her eyebrows wiggling. I sighed, looking up as the door creaked open. Trevor stood there and looked over at us.

"Heather would you mind going? I need to talk to Hailee." He said making his way over to me.

"Why can't I stay?" She protested. 

"Because it doesn't involve you, Heather." He said before she rolled her eyes and walked out. I sniffled and he held me in his arms. 

"Shush its going to be okay." He said. "Control yourself, Hailee." I sighed into his shoulder as I could feel the black filling my eyes, almost like a demons, subsided. 

"Why does he have to fight us?" I asked, a slight quiver in my voice.

"Because that's what everyone does when they want revenge." Trevor responded. I nodded and He held me for a little while before a knock came to the door. 

"Hey, Snow." Trevor said as she entered the room. 

"Hey, am I interrupting something?" She asked, shuffling her feet.

"No. You weren't it's ok Snow." I responded, lifting my head from Trevor's shoulder.

"Okay. I was going to tell you that Zander and I made supper for you guys and he had something to tell us."

"Okay." Trevor responded, taking my hand in his and leading me out of the room. We got to the den and a table had been set out with tons of food. Heather and Luke were already there and Zander was setting out plates and utensils.

"Hey, Hailee and Trevor." Luke said waving us over to sit by him. Heather looked over at us and grunted a little. I never really knew why it seemed she was always in a bad mood but I chose to ignore it. Zeus was outside of the den, perched on the roof. Lykos and Flit, it seemed had come to steal food from Zander as bits of raw meat were on the ground. They were gone now though; probably out hunting or just going out to run.

"Well now that everyone is here we can eat." Zander said. 

"Finally, I thought I was going to starve." Heather said.

"Don't be so over dramatic." Zander said with a smile. 

"I'll try not to be cutie." Heather responded. Snow folded her arms and grunted slightly. Snow took a seat next to Zander and he squeezed her hand to try to calm her. We all grabbed the food that was set out. Snow had made bread and some sort of spread that was amazing. Various vegetables and meats were also laid out before us. We all ate like we were starving, most of us elements had a huge appetite. 

"So didn't you say Zander had something to tell us?" I asked, food still in my mouth.

"Oh, yes well Luke and I both need to tell you something. We found a small camp outside the protective barriers we have around the tree." He said and I put down my food, no longer interested in it. 

"Yeah, It's nothing big, maybe a couple of people. What we don't know is if they are friendly or not. We checked it out but left before they could notice us." Luke added.

"We should go back and check it out again though." Zander said.

"And what? Give them a nice house warming present? No, we need to attack them." Trevor said, waving his food at them and giving Zander a stern look.

"I know but what if they are not part of Gabriel's group? What if they are just a group of hybrids?" Snow asked, I was also wondering the same thing. 

"Yeah, we can't just kill off hybrids if they are friendly." Luke said, agreeing with Snow. 

"Well we won't know if they are with Gabriel or not until we go back there. So to be safe we should prepare for a fight." Zander and I both nodded in agreement at Trevor's response. 

"So when should we go?" Zander asked all of us.

"In a day or more so we can get prepared." I said to him. He nodded and then turned his attention to Heather.

"You've been pretty quiet this whole time. Are you going to come with us or no?" He asked her. She looked around the room and let out a long, dragged out sigh. 

"You know I'm not into this whole war thing; unless I'm getting paid of course but, I guess I have to since I don't want to be here all alone." Heather said before she gloated. "Plus, given my experience in assassination you all will need me anyways." 

"So that's it then, we're all going to investigate the camp." Zander clapped his hands together. We finished up dinner and made small talk here and there. After everyone was done and leaving I stayed a little longer. Walking out to the edge of the platform and sitting down, I tapped into Flit's mind to see where he was and to make sure he was safe. I wondered what would come of the next few days. I wondered if the camp would be friendly or not.

I nearly fell off the platform as Luke's feet hit the ground next to me, his wings folding on his back.

"Sorry." He said, I gave him a stern look, my eyes flashing.

"You know not to sneak up on people. I could have killed you in a second." I said to him. He snorted as he sat himself down next to me.

"Didn't look like you were going to kill me. You looked like you were going to fall off." He said with a playful smirk.

"What are you doing out here anyways? You should be sleeping." I said to him. 

"Couldn't sleep, plus sometimes I just come out here to watch the stars." Luke said to me. "You thinking about the camps?" He asked. 

"Sort of, sometimes I just need a breather too. I can't always help lead and keep things in line. It can get hard sometimes, you know?" I said before I thought I had shared too much with him. He nodded in understanding which relived me.

"I can't exactly imagine what you're going through but I can imagine it would be pretty stressful. Being the embodiment of an element, having to always watch what happens with your moods, and then having to deal with us all the time. Not to mention Gabriel and his growing army." He said to me and I smiled. I was glad Luke was laid back.

"So now you know why I'm out here. So what brings you? Come to watch the stars?" I asked and he shook his head.

"No I've been wondering about the camps too and that Gabriel guy. I don't think they were bad people." Luke said. 

"Honestly, I would rather go now to the camp then risk endangering the rest of the group."  I said to him.

"Then lets go." Luke said suddenly.

"You serious?" I asked him, almost baffled.

"Not without me your not." Another voice said and Luke and I both jumped. Zander stood behind us, fully dress in his battle gear and hammer over his shoulder. 

"It's like you knew we were going." I said to him.

"No, honestly I didn't. I was going on my own anyways. Since we're all here though why not we all go." He said to us. We both nodded and I manifested my armor on and drew my sword. Zander manifested some gear for Luke and some weapons he could use.

"Should we tell anyone else about it?" I asked Zander, he shook his head and unfolded his wings.

"No, they'd all insist on coming with. I know you'd want to tell Trevor and believe me I want to tell Snow. But it would be better if we didn't. I'd hate to bring them with and endanger them too." He said, squeezing my shoulder to calm me. I gave him a small smile before we took off towards the camps, Luke leading the way. Zander was like a big brother to me, ever since I got to the tree he's looked out for me. After an hour or two we had crossed the line where we were protected and hidden from everyone, to open land where anyone could sense us. I could now sense the camp too. They stayed close to the border but just outside of it. We landed quietly in the trees behind them. Three people sat around a fire eating and talking. 

"Now what do we do?" Luke asked in a low whisper. 

"I guess we walk up and state our business." Zander said. We got up and walked into the camp. The people were on there feet immediately, weapons drawn. 

"Who are you?" A older man demanded.

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