Spectrum Street - Accused

Grace Lester is in court.
She's been blamed.
For something she didn't do.
Or did she?


1. Happily Ever After

Teoh looks at me, flicking his purple fringe away from his brown eyes in an attempt at subtlety. I look at him. My boyfriend, my beautiful, opinionated, fantastic boyfriend.

"You may now kiss the bride."


"Well, that was a long day." I grin as I search for the key in my bag. I took the wedding dress off as soon as possible - halfway through the reception. Shorts and a tshirt are always comfier than a heavily netted wedding dress with the tightest waist imaginable.

"You got that right!" Teoh laughs as he watches me try to get the door open.

We stumble in, more than slightly drunk, and Giovanna lets out a greeting once we've closed the door behind us.

"Go to sleep." I order playfully. Giovanna grumbles and the light goes out. A few seconds after, the bright backlight of what is probably her tablet computer travels down the staircase. I roll my eyes - typical Giovanna, can't last a day without technology.

"I love you." Teoh smiles, pulling me through into the kitchen. "Now make me a cuppa, wifey."

Laughing, I flick the switch on the kettle. The hot vapour from the bubbling water begins to envelop me as Teoh leaves the room, probably to call Tom, or Becca, or Ed. I feel like I'm choking - as if the steam from the kettle is entangling itself around my lungs, binding me. I'm blacking out, weakening, as my face grows hotter by so many degrees. I'm on my knees. Not praying, not begging - dying. At least, that's what it feels life. I open my mouth to scream, but the high-pitched yell rings through my ears before I've even had time to draw breath. Giovanna.

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