Sometimes I Realize How Lucky I Am (Sequal to Sometimes I Think Back To You)

Liza and Zayn are married now. They have been for 20 years. This story follows Zayn and Liza's daughter Violetta. She's 16 and figuring out life. She falls for her best friend Alec Payne but what will become of it? Will their love be a forbidden one?


2. Is There Love In The Air?

(Violetta's POV)  My performance was amazing last night! I think I actually did really good! But the best part was that a record producer came up to me afterward!!! He wanted to sign me to his label!!! But, wait, theres more! He wants Alec and I to be a duo!!! He heard Alec on a One Direction record when ALec was really little and loved his voice! I'm so excited! And secretly I really wanted to kiss Alec after that... But, what if he didn't like me? I couldn't stand to lose him as a friend, even if there was the possibilty to love him. What if though... What if I told him how I felt? What would he do? 


(Alec's POV) We got signed to a record label! Letta and I did! I couldn't wait! This had been my dream since, well forever, and now I got a chance to live my dreams, not only live my dreams, but live them with Letta! After we talked to the producer I wanted nothing more but to kiss Letta... But maybe she wouldn't like me the way I like her... I couldn't risk losing our friendship.. We called up all of our friends, Nathan Horan, Joel Tomilison, and Carly Styles. We were just as close as the band had been though we were all into different things. Quite funny actually how all of the boys in One Direction had kids around the same age. And how we all ended up being best friends, or dating. Joel and Carly had been dating two years and everyone knew Nathan liked Letta... But anyway, everybody was really excited for us, which I appreiacted. Letta always played her songs for us, but we were the only ones. I was really excited to get to follow my dreams and help Letta follow hers. 


(Nathan's POV) Letta got a record deal! Well, she and Alec..... Alec is one of my best mates, but I knew he liked Letta, and well, Letta is perfect. I can't help but want her for myself... Although probably she will end up with Alec. They've been best friends for longest and that's always how it works in movies. The two best friends fall for each other, date,and end up getting married. That's just how it works. Anyway, Lettta and Alec played one of Letta's songs that they were planning on recording. They were really good. Honestly, I was excited for them, but I was insanely jealous. No one knew this, but I sang too, I wrote songs, the whole deal.... No one saw that side of me except for Letta, but she wasn't about to blow my secret, she was to sweet for that. 


(Violetta's POV) I really was falling for Alec... After we played our song for everybody, I kissed Alec... Onstage... In front of our parents and all of our friends.... 

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