Sometimes I Realize How Lucky I Am (Sequal to Sometimes I Think Back To You)

Liza and Zayn are married now. They have been for 20 years. This story follows Zayn and Liza's daughter Violetta. She's 16 and figuring out life. She falls for her best friend Alec Payne but what will become of it? Will their love be a forbidden one?


1. Everything's Perfect (Or So It Seems)

Life has been great for Zayn and Liza. They had 2 children, the oldest being Violetta, the main character in this story, the youngest being a little girl named Mary Ann who was 13 years old. Life has been good for the whole family, they all kept in touch with the rest of the band. Mary Ann was best friends with Harry's daughter Alexis, and Violetta and Liam's son Alec were really close as well. Both girls went to a private school and got good grades. Violetta wanted to pursue a music career and Mary Ann was learning that she had a knack for art. Zayn continued to sing, though One Direction broke up all the boys stayed best friends. Liza published two books and was a stay at home mother. I think that's all you need to know, the story starts here. 


(Violetta's POV) "Letta!" I heard behind me and turned around to find my best friend Alec. 'Hey A!" I said and smiled. Alec and i had pretty much been raised together, we had been best friends since birth I believe. We were born so close together that he was still in the hospital when I was born. i thnk we were born 14 hours apart. Anyway, today was my big performance, it was the first time the world would hear the songs that I'd written. I mean, Alec had heard my songs, but he was different. Alec and I were best friends but secretly i was starting to like him.... As in more than a friend. But that's crazy, dad would never go for it... he and Alec's dad Liam are best friends... I really couldn't think this way, but still, i wanted him to be mine.... 


(Alec's POV) i was so excited for her! Letta's first real performance was tonight! Her music was beautiful and i couldn't wait for other people to see how brilliant she was. I came up and hugged her from behind. We were best friends but man, Letta was beautiful. She laughed  and turned around. "Hello" She said cheerfully. 'it's tonight" I said back to her. 'I know! I can barely breathe!" Now it was my turn to laugh. She always got crazy nervous before she sang. Though she had no reason to be, she was amazing. I just wish she could see that. 

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