The day Emily got born her dad died in a car accident. Her mom died shortly after giving birth and the poor girl was left alone on this world. Luckily there was an adoption centre that took her until she was seven. As she turned three her powers started to show, her eyes turned bright green and every year they would change color. Every year her powers would change with her eyes.
As she got seven she got transferred to the Sight-School. It’s a school for people with powers and like everyone she got there by train. Unlucky as that day was, the train got an accident and everyone died. Except for her...
Now she lives in the woods, going to the little town close by for clothes and food once a month, she works, begs and does everything to stay alive. But she won’t live in the town, she will stay in the woods until she sees who killed all those children and almost, her.


19. Competition Behind the Scenes

Hey guys, sorry not an update but i would reaaaaaally love you if you'd read/vote for my story: The Vampire Diaries -- Backstage


I've written this story for the "behind the scenes" competition..


yeah, just informing you guys.. :)


i've also started a new movella recently called Running Free. It's not a fic, it's a story about Shape Shifters but not really werewolfs so.. please read it! :)


but.. the main reason for this a/n is that  you guys hopefully will read TVD -- Backstage.


it's just an ordinary (and hopefully really original) short story :).. for a competition..

so yeah, please help me with it i'm really curious how many people will vote and stuff so


xxx Sasha

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