The day Emily got born her dad died in a car accident. Her mom died shortly after giving birth and the poor girl was left alone on this world. Luckily there was an adoption centre that took her until she was seven. As she turned three her powers started to show, her eyes turned bright green and every year they would change color. Every year her powers would change with her eyes.
As she got seven she got transferred to the Sight-School. It’s a school for people with powers and like everyone she got there by train. Unlucky as that day was, the train got an accident and everyone died. Except for her...
Now she lives in the woods, going to the little town close by for clothes and food once a month, she works, begs and does everything to stay alive. But she won’t live in the town, she will stay in the woods until she sees who killed all those children and almost, her.


5. Chapter 5. Ugh


A/N i'm soooo sorry it took me so long! But meanwile i've started to write "wrong life (harry fanfic)" and school and.. soorrry!!!

i hope you guys like it!


-Emily’s POV.- (askdfdfjgh POVS O.o sorry, got tired of writing 3th person)

Harry made a tunnel going up so we got back on the ground again, instead of being in it. I walked out and the second I did, I wanted back in. Unfortunately Niall and Louis still walked behind me. There was a huge building right in front of me and so, so many people walking around there!

The second they walked through the shield, that made shivers roll all over my back, I walked closer to the boys, afraid for what might happen. ‘Who, is.. thaattt?’ some girl asked, walking towards us. ‘And whyy, weren’t you on the traiinn?’ I rolled my eyes, she talked soooooo drammaaattiiicccc. She raised an eyebrow to my rolling eyes. ‘Psh, leave this chick alone and come with us sweety. She’ll find her way.’ She winked and walked away, expecting the boys to follow her.

The same second I felt bad, I made this boys care for me, I made them look out for me.. for Christ’s sake, I made them walk, hide and fight that whole damn and for me! ‘Just go..’ I mumbled. ‘She’s right, I’ll find my way here.’ ‘No way that we are leaving you alone! This place is huge!’ Liam said, his eyes getting bigger and filled with concern. I smiled at him, what a sweetheart he is!

‘Guys, ya coming?’ the girl walked back to us. ‘Jess, no. We have to bring Emily to the sign-in desk and then to her room. We also want to buy her new clothes and other stuff so, bye.’ Louis totally sassed “Jess” which was probably short for Jessbitch or something like that. And I liked it. ‘Just let that whore, she’s obviously only wanting your attention. What is she? Oh, just a telekenite, whoa, big deal?!’ ‘Leave me alone, they don’t want to go with you.’ I mumbled, but, unfortunately, she heard me. ‘WHAT did you just say?’ ‘I said you had to leave me alone and that they don’t WANT to go with you.’ I said, getting annoyed. ‘Don’t you say that little whore! Don’t you know who I am?’ ‘No, and I don’t wanna know, and I don’t care. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!’ Suddenly, “Jess” flew back. Telepathic.. oops?

We quickly ran in and casually walked to the register to, you know, register me. We all walked in and the woman looked quite surprised. ‘Hey boys, who is this?’ I looked a bit shy at her, standing half behind Niall with the other boys around me. ‘Oh, this is Emily, she has lived in the woods since.. the accident.. and she’s a Natural so we thought we’d bring her here.’ Liam explained. ‘A Natural?’ And how old are you sweety?’ ‘Almost eighteen miss.’ I answered quietly. ‘And how many days left?’ ‘Thirteen.’ ‘What eye-colors did you have in the past two days?’ ‘Blue and grey.’  ‘And what colors before that?’ ‘Green, blue, light brown, blue, green, ice blue, dark brown, green, blue, ice blue and last year green.’ I told her, thinking about the last eleven years. ‘Oh, and how long before it changed?’ ‘Every year miss.’ ‘And since what age?’ ‘I don’t know miss, I think my whole life.’ ‘Really? And why do you think that?’ ‘Because I never had to experience getting these powers or learning to control them, I just.. got born with them.’ The woman thought a moment while I moved a bit more towards her instead of hiding behind Niall.

Fifteen minutes later the guys led me to my room. They had two parts, a girl-part and a boy-part, boys and girls weren’t allowed from 22:00 to 8:00 and since it was almost ten p.m. ‘What are you guys doing there?’ ‘Leading this new girl to her room sir.’ ‘Don’t let me see you there after ten.’ ‘Yes sir.’ Harry smiled politely at the man. ‘After ten? Oh god..’ I mumbled.

Soon we were at my beautiful (UGH) room. I rolled my eyes as I walked in, suddenly feeling sick. I gave all the boys a hug and they let me alone. I curled up in the bed but it wasn’t comfortable, at all.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably very comfortable for most people but I’m not used to this! I’m not used to be in a room, not being able to see the stars, feeling the trees, the nature and not shivering if the wind decides to blow a bit harder. I miss it. I can’t live like this but I know I have to stay inside.

So I decided to go to one of the boys.

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