The day Emily got born her dad died in a car accident. Her mom died shortly after giving birth and the poor girl was left alone on this world. Luckily there was an adoption centre that took her until she was seven. As she turned three her powers started to show, her eyes turned bright green and every year they would change color. Every year her powers would change with her eyes.
As she got seven she got transferred to the Sight-School. It’s a school for people with powers and like everyone she got there by train. Unlucky as that day was, the train got an accident and everyone died. Except for her...
Now she lives in the woods, going to the little town close by for clothes and food once a month, she works, begs and does everything to stay alive. But she won’t live in the town, she will stay in the woods until she sees who killed all those children and almost, her.


18. Chapter 16. Love and hate.

Okay uhm, hey guys, first off, some bad news for the people that actually read my a/ns.
My little bird Kiwi, died last Monday.. We only had him for a week but already loved him to bits.
He will be missed.
On further note, today’s chapter will be thrilling, even though it’s very late because it was my birthday august 15th and I kinda had better things to do, sorryyy!! We’ll find out..:Who’s good, who’s evil, what’s gonna happen? And.. Nimily! :D adfkja;gh... let’s do this shit...

It was some weeks later and the relationship between Niall and me had grown.. a lot.
Liam and Ed would pretend to gag if we got a bit to close and we always had to laugh about that. The girls just thought it was the cutest thing they’d ever seen.

Harry, Louis and Zayn disappeared the day after I had found out and we hadn’t seen them since. Other people from school were gone including some of the girls. Christel turned out to be some evil kind of bitch. Lovely. Just as you get to trust some people..
There was a unnatural vibe running through the school. All classes that had nothing to do with fighting, controlling your power or something like that had been canceled until further notice.

Then, the day came that everything happened...

Niall, Liam, Noa, Kelly, Desi and me were just walking to our next class, self defense, when someone pushed us aside. ‘Hey!’ Noa exclaimed. ‘There’s a fight!’ The boy yelled as he kept running towards the other side of the school. We all looked at each other. Liam sighed. ‘Let’s just go see what’s going on.’

When we got there, shock ran through our veins. The shock made place for adrenaline quickly as we noticed what was exactly going on. We were under attack, by the Dark House.

I ran to find the head of our school and saw her with some teenagers from our school that were badly hurt. I gasped but recovered fast. ‘Miss, what’s going on?’ ‘I don’t know, suddenly like.. ten of the students went against others and it ended up being a huge fight. Then outside the shield were the others from the Dark House waiting and we had to drop the shield so we could refresh it because it remembers students from here and some of them turned out to be evil and I just..’ she kept rambling on but I just ran away after I quickly asked the last question I wanted to ask. ‘Who do you need to refresh the shield and how is he or she supposed to do that?’ ‘Three different powers, all with pure hearts need to do it. They need to sit in the middle of the school in a circle and just focus on protecting the school. They cannot be three persons of the same gender though, because then the other gender will not be allowed inside the shield.’ I nodded and ran away, sending texts as I did.

To: Nialler<3

Hey, need ya help. Middle of the school, bring Liam.

To: Noa<3

Middle of the school. Need your help, now.

I wouldn’t do it myself, I had a plan in my head and I wanted to make it happen as soon as possible ...

a/n oh my god sorry for this short chapter! And I keep breaking my promise to update every week!

I will stop doing that now I pro.. uh.. I mean.. I won’t be updating every week, now.. you guys need to learn how to be patient ;) This time I truly promise I’ll send a chapter next Sunday. From then on, no update every week, just updates when I can because .. .. school.. Yuck. Anyone wanna quit with me and move to London and meet people and .. UGH xd

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