The day Emily got born her dad died in a car accident. Her mom died shortly after giving birth and the poor girl was left alone on this world. Luckily there was an adoption centre that took her until she was seven. As she turned three her powers started to show, her eyes turned bright green and every year they would change color. Every year her powers would change with her eyes.
As she got seven she got transferred to the Sight-School. It’s a school for people with powers and like everyone she got there by train. Unlucky as that day was, the train got an accident and everyone died. Except for her...
Now she lives in the woods, going to the little town close by for clothes and food once a month, she works, begs and does everything to stay alive. But she won’t live in the town, she will stay in the woods until she sees who killed all those children and almost, her.


17. Chapter 15. Like, Like-Like, no-like, liking, liked, likes..

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He looked at me and his look changed. His eyes grew softer and he jumped back from the boy. Shaking his head as he stared confused at the kid on the floor. ‘Wh..’ he didn’t finish it. ‘FUCK’ He suddenly yelled after a small silence and he hit the lockers behind him. Then he walked up to me. ‘You haven’t seen anything, you are tired, you’ll sleep and forget everything that happened.’ I shook my head as I looked at him, his eyes darkening just like my mind was clouding over. Seconds later I fell in his arms, deep in sleep.

I woke up and blinked against the bright light. I sat up from the bench. *what the hell am I doing here?* Zayn . It all got back in my mind. 1-0 for the voice in my head Zayn! ‘Fuck.’ I cursed and I jumped up. Too fast. I sat back down to fight the dizziness and got back up as I noticed two figures walking towards me. *what? But there are two. Just two, not three.* I thought as one of them walked up to me. His hand grabbed my neck and he pushed me against the wall next to the bench. ‘So, I guess you haven’t forgot?’ His voice, cold as ice, speaking to me. My mouth didn’t get dry. On the contrary, it iced up. I fought the ice, I just let it melt with my powers, but it took a second to do that and the ice made scars in my throat. When he dropped me on the ground, tears were formed in my eyes as I grasped for air. ‘Why..’ I whispered. ‘I’m born like this.’ The ice-eyed boy said as he made his curly-haired friend follow him. ‘But you..’ I looked up at Harry. He couldn’t be evil, there were two. And he’s.. just not evil. Done. End. That’s it. But his stupid friendship with Zayn and Louis ruined that. He thought he was evil.

As I was breathing normally again and the boys were gone I jumped up, ran towards Niall’s room and texted Liam to be there a.s.a.p. He texted back that he couldn’t make it but that I would see him tonight at Niall’s. I sighed but texted it was okay and knocked since I was already at the room.

‘Em? Oh god, what’s wrong?’ ‘I, Zayn.. Louis.. I just.. no.. and.. Harry and..’ I stuttered as the former happenings replayed in my head. He pulled me inside, something that he seemed to do a lot, and brought me to the bed before putting an arm around me and pulling me close to him. ‘He’s evil Niall, Zayn’s evil. And.. Louis too and Harry well he thinks he is but he isn’t and it’s just so weird and it’s like they turned into a different person and I can’t handle this and my throat hurts and I’m confused and why does it have to be this way and..’

‘Shh...’ He interrupted my rant about the shitty world we live in. ‘Why does your throat hurt sweety?’ The word sweety made my stomach feel warm and cozy, but I shook the feeling his nicknames would always give me and answered him. ‘Louis turned my.. spit.. into ice and I wasn’t quick enough to melt it.’ I whispered as I felt the pressure of failure on my shoulders. ‘How quick were you?’ ‘Seconds.’ I whispered. ‘The ice was only for a second before I turned it back.’ ‘In that case, you are not a failure.’ I looked up at him, furrowing my eyebrows. ‘Yes I was! I couldn’t keep it that way! My throat was hurting and I wasn’t good enough to stop that!’ I jumped up during this short rant and Niall slowly got up before pressing me against his chest. ‘You are good enough, you are amazing Emily, why don’t you see that? You are so special and beautiful with such beautiful eyes that you just keep hiding from the world.. I.. I just don’t.. You don’t deserve all this, you deserve to have a million friends, a beautiful life and no worries to think about in that pretty head of yours.’ He rattled on before I shushed him by putting my hand in front of his mouth.

‘Don’t lie.’ Was the only thing I said before he looked straight into my eyes, his anger towards the world changing into sadness. ‘I wasn’t, why don’t you believe me?’ Again the warm feeling shot through my body as I saw the caring feelings in his eyes. He cared so much.. too much. ‘Because.. I’m imperfect, I’m ugly, I’m just a weird mutated piece of..’ ‘NO!’ He yelled, interrupting me again with anger, sadness and something else reflecting his blue eyes. ‘You are NOT imperfect! You are the most PERFECT person I’ve ever seen! You are NOT ugly you are  so beautiful I have to close my eyes and remember that you are REAL! And don’t you dare to say that you are a weird mutated PIECE of SHIT because you are different, more powerful and truly the one and only person to make me feel afraid of saying anything because I don’t want to hurt you, others to hurt you or you  be hurt in any kind of way without me knowing how to  make you smile that damn beautiful smile of you again!’ I tried interrupting him but he shot me a short glare, letting me know he wasn’t done yet. ‘And don’t you DARE to say I’m LYING because this is the most truthful thing I’ve ever said in my WHOLE damn life okay?! And I do NOT give one single fuck about this whole damn school being ignorant cunts because they are not just as beautiful, amazing and talented as you!’

‘Done?’ I whispered as he was breathing fast and fire almost shot out his eyes. ‘I .. I ..’ he sighed and nodded, sitting down. I sat down next to him and we were quiet for a while before I leaned in and turned his head softly before kissing him softly on the lips.

After my short peck I looked him in his surprised, filled with feelings, blue eyes. ‘Thank you.’ I whispered. ‘For making me feel like I’m worth more than I think.’ ‘Welcome.’ He mumbled, completely flabbergasted about my lips meeting his. After another short silence he smirked a bit after mumbling something I didn’t hear. ‘What?’ I asked softly. ‘Nothing..’ ‘Tell me.’ ‘I was just.. like.. you know.. thinking about how I want to kiss you over and over again until...’ I chuckled as I pulled him close to me. ‘I dare you.’ I whispered in his ear and I felt his chest rumble of laughter under my hand as he moved towards me and pulled me on me as he let himself fall on his back as our lips met once again. ‘I’ve. Wanted. To. Do. This. For. So. Long.’ He said after each peck on the lips. I smiled and closed my eyes as I pulled us close to each other. ‘Me too.’ As I said it, I knew it was true, I did want it, I just didn’t realize. After cuddling for a while he suddenly jumped up, giving me at least half of a heart attack and ran into his bathroom. I turned around, facing the bathroom, and lay still. ‘CLOSE YOUR EYES!’ Niall yelled. I giggled and did as he said. ‘Open.’ A beautiful, angelic voice whispered in front of me and I did as he said to see his beautiful sea blue eyes. ‘Hey.’ I smiled as I noticed something. I didn’t feel one single power stir through me. ‘They’re red aren’t they?’ I asked. ‘Yes, and they are truly beautiful.’ He smiled at me. I giggled, not for the first time this day and looked at him. ‘What are you hiding behind your back?’ I asked and his cheeks suddenly changed color, almost towards the same shade of red as my eyes. And let me tell you, my eyes are very red..

‘Oh you know just.. this thing..’ He smiled as he gave me a small box, not small-ring-small but .. bigger small. Cause that makes sense.

I opened it and saw two bracelets. A pink one with “Girlfriend” in the most beautiful font I’ve ever seen and a blue one with “Boyfriend” in the same font.

‘I know it’s kinda cheesy but I wanted to give you these for so long and I uh.. like, wanted you to.. you know like.. ask.. if uh you...’ My mouth was open but as I noticed how awkward he felt I just jumped on him, making sure I didn’t hurt him and didn’t break the bracelets, and kissed him softly on the tip of his nose. ‘Yes Niall. I’ll be your girlfriend.’

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