on the inside

Every night kayla would record a different cover on her ipod. She would right songs every week. Few people had told her she could sing and it was her only passion. One day the world found out about her. she had no idea what to do. Everyone hated her now , she knew she could sing why did everyone hate her. no one knew what was happening on the inside


10. The time-KAYLAS POV

'Hey, you're the girl that goes to my school. ya know i admire you, having the guts to post a video online knowing everyone will hate it, you must have some right balls.'

he walked away laughing. why did everyone hate me so much. All i wanted to do is have something to do in my spare time. music was my only passion , my escape. But i went too far, now i hardly eat and the scars on my body were red and sore. id given in, my body was a wreck and my mind knew what had to be done. the bullying was just too much now. Of course my mum knew but she never understood what was going through my mind, the worry,the stress the pain...

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