on the inside

Every night kayla would record a different cover on her ipod. She would right songs every week. Few people had told her she could sing and it was her only passion. One day the world found out about her. she had no idea what to do. Everyone hated her now , she knew she could sing why did everyone hate her. no one knew what was happening on the inside


5. Singing-SOPHIE'S POV

I walked around school, my books in my Jack Wills bag bouncing on my hip as I walked. I had looked around a bit for Kayla but she didn't seem to be at school. I walked up past the music room and heard a whistle behind me. "Sophie!" came a loud deep voice from behind me "Mr Davids?" I turned round to see Mr Davids stood in his suit and tie on the path behind me "Yes sir" he signalled me to come with him and I shyly followed him into the music room. "Kayla seemed very upset yesterday,um...I had to drop off a report anyway she looked very upset, and I think that you may be the reason behind her sadness. Whatever you girls are falling out over I would appreciate it if you could apologise to her so that she can start concentrating on her music once again."

"Music? I didn't know she liked music," I was trying to change the subject, Mr Davids wasn't the best person to be having a grudge on you.

"It doesn't matter what she likes. Now go and apologise," He looked a bit sheepish as he walked away.

I walked down the school path looking at my feet wondering about what talent Kayla had hidden away from me for so many years. We are best friends, we're supposed to tell each other everything. I left the school grounds and as soon as I got onto the path I sprinted as hard as I could. the wind was blowing through my hair. I walked up to Kayla's house and took in a deep breath as I knocked on the door.

" Oh Sophie dear aren't you meant to be at school?" A tall blonde woman with blue eyes just like her daughter stood at the door with a warm face. "erm yes" I stuttered "I was allowed out , I-I need to speak to Kayla please?" She signalled me to come in and I walked up to the stairs to hear a sweet quiet voice inside

" And you can tell everybody, this is your song. It maybe quite simple but now that its done. I hope you don't mind,i hope you don't mind that I put it down in words.... how wonderful life is now your in my world" It was beautiful, and it was Kayla. I walked into her room. in her massive room there was a mini grand piano that she was sat at, scribbling at a piece of paper and then playing a chord or two on the piano. she had moved bedrooms and so she must have bought a piano because I hadn't seen it before. "Sophie! you didn't hear anything did you? I was just messing I know I want off key and my piano playing isn't really that great!"

"Kay' it was beautiful, you are the most amazing singer why did you never tell me this before?"

"I-I was scared. Y-You should be going now, bye." She tried to hurry me out of the room.

"Kayla you are an amazing singer and you know it. why don't you put your videos on youtube and less people in our school will know about it!"


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