on the inside

Every night kayla would record a different cover on her ipod. She would right songs every week. Few people had told her she could sing and it was her only passion. One day the world found out about her. she had no idea what to do. Everyone hated her now , she knew she could sing why did everyone hate her. no one knew what was happening on the inside


3. Saturday-KAYLA'S POV

So Saturday came. It wasn't the best start to the day as my mum was called to work and I was all alone at home. Maybe I should go to school. Mr Davids (my music teacher) would probably be there and he was the only one who understood me. The black piano sat in my room. I just stared at it and it seemed to stare back at me as if it just wanted me to sing. I sat down at it, not one idea came into my head and I was so lonely. Ill text Sophie, I thought and reached for my phone. Two minutes later a reply.. ' Heya Kayla, im a bit busy with my mum at the moment and btw I cant come to wales with you this weekend..family outing'

I sat at the piano. Sophie had gone off with Neola, my only friend gone in a matter of days. I couldn't help crying. My tears felt so warm against my face but maybe that was just because I was cold. Why was I this sad? there are plenty more decent people in my class that I could make friends with. So I just sang, all my thoughts just flooded out into song and I felt almost happy in the world my mind was in. I took a small piece of blank music scores and just wrote everything down to show Mr Davids (or I just call him james). I got to school, I didn't really care that I looked like a swot walking round the halls. James was in the music room playing the wooden piano In the corner. "Kayla!" He looked at me in a lovely way like I was an old friend that he had just been reunited with. "I have something for you" I replied quietly as I signalled him to move and put my music sheet on the piano.




As I sang I again started crying. all the bad thoughts were flooding back to my head and I just couldn't bear it. Why did everyone think I was the stupid untalented shy girl that drew love hearts on her hand at the back of class. if only they knew I had confidence and..... I stopped everything I was doing and collapsed on the floor crying. James walked up to me and comforted me I felt like he was the only person I knew I didn't even care that my makeup had run down my pale face and he could see everything, "Hey, shhh. Don't worry." He soothed my as he helped me get to my feet, "Wonderful song by the way," James smiled gently, "We better be getting you home now. Come on."


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