on the inside

Every night kayla would record a different cover on her ipod. She would right songs every week. Few people had told her she could sing and it was her only passion. One day the world found out about her. she had no idea what to do. Everyone hated her now , she knew she could sing why did everyone hate her. no one knew what was happening on the inside


1. On my own

ive never felt like this before,

I feel unwanted.

and all my fears have come here,

its like im bein' haunted

didn't wanna be with anyone else,

just wanted it to be just myself.

thought i'd be happy on my own

but now i'm all alone

"uurrgghh,!" Kayla James skrewed up her piece of paper and just sat at her piano staring into space. There was a pile of crumpled up song ideas all over the floor and she hadn't had a good one all week.


"Yes mum?"

"come down now its getting late"

Kayla put the lid down on her piano and walked downstairs. She was sat on the armchair with her eyes closed as she usually does just waiting for the right lyric to come into her head or a catchy tune that she could sing to her self later. If only someone knew she could sing it would make her so happy, she was that shy girl that sat at the back of the classroom with one friend hat stayed with her at all times. she was kind of glad she went to an all girls school, no annoying boys to chat her up all the time and girls generally are more loyal friends.

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