on the inside

Every night kayla would record a different cover on her ipod. She would right songs every week. Few people had told her she could sing and it was her only passion. One day the world found out about her. she had no idea what to do. Everyone hated her now , she knew she could sing why did everyone hate her. no one knew what was happening on the inside


9. Counselling - KAYLA'S POV

I walked into the small room for my first meeting with my counceller. I was nervous, i covered up my wrists and chest just so she didnt judge me when she saw my scars. She looked fairly nice with blonde hair and brown eyes. I sat down and she started talking to me, we talked for a while before she said "so do you have any hobbies?"

"well yeah, um i love singing"

"oh thats lovely, i want you to sing for me, let all your emotions out"

I sang, i sang loud and clear, i felt all my emotions flood out of me, i stopped when my sleeve fell up my arm.

"Whats that on your arm dear?"

" oh, its nothing honestly ha"

" Honey, i know whats on your arm, please explain your story"

"ok, i posted a video on the internet of me singing, i got bullied for it and i wanted to die, i know im fat and i cant help losing weight and not eating, i still get bullied for being a wimp, i am, im too much of a coward to kill myself so i do this to myself instead, to punish myself for the wreck of a person that I am. I got sent here by a friend, not by choice, if it was my choice id be dead right now.

"Ok honey, ill talk next week. bye deary"

"Bye" i walked out with tears streaming down my face when a young looking man walked up to me....

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