This Is Real (Niam)

*Gay fan fiction*

"He was my prince all along..."


12. Chapter Twelve

I think I may do a couple more chapters, the finish it off with the possibility of  a sequel...

Do you guys want a sequel?


*Liam's POV*

I feel the tears falling down my cheeks which I didn't even notice were there. Niall's word playing through my head, over and over. This is real... Niam is real. Was it? Did I want it to be? What was I thinking, I wanted it. I wanted Niall, ever since I first set eyes on the Irish boy, the blue of his eyes... made me feel at home. Yeah, I dated Dani, but it was always Niall. He was the one that was always there for me, he made me smile when I thought I would never smile again. This all may sound cliche', but I was in love with him, and just the thought that he felt the same way... it gave me shivers. Smiling, I close my laptop and tip-toe down the hall, to find Niall, sitting on Louis' bed also scrolling through his twitter. I sit beside him and see the tears, still wet on his cheeks. I lean foward, and without thinking I wipe the tears from his face. His blue eyes sparkling into mine. It was as if he could see into my soul. Like he knew all my thoughts... my feelings. Looking into my eyes, it's as if I can't think straight. He reaches fowards, brushing the hair from my face and leans foward

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