This Is Real (Niam)

*Gay fan fiction*

"He was my prince all along..."


6. Chapter Six

~Liam's POV~

After I finish getting dressed. I slowly walk towards my room. Maybe we could just laugh it off, pretend it never happened... but I would never forget it. The way his blue eyes had stared into mine, those eyes that I would willingly look into for hours. I sigh, why was I doing this to myself? I twist the knob on the door and see Niall, face buried in a pillow. He hears me enter and hesitantly looks up at me, his blue eyes ringed red from tears. I hated to see him like this. Not my Niall. My Niall. I ponder the thought of that, would he want to be... mine? Of course not. He is now sitting up, watching me carefully. I walk over and take a seat beside him. "So" I mutter and he shrugs. "We-" he cuts me off, placing his finger on my lips. 
"I'm so sorry Liam... about before. I-" he stops, trying to find the right words and I decide to take the chance to speak.
"Don't be Niall... it was a spur of the moment thing. It's not like it meant anything... it didn't even happen..." he nods

"O-of course"
"It's not like you feel anything for me..." he looks up quickly, shaking his head
"Li... I don't know about that" I feel myself and smile... and he smiles shyly, blushing. 
"I don't know about that either" I tell him and he smiles widely, I feel his hand rest on mine. Taking the chance I lean in, just like he had. I feel his soft lips on mine. It just felt... right.

"What the fuck?!" I quickly pull away from Niall and see a figure at the door... Harry.


(A/N- Hoped you enjoyed the two chapters :))

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