This Is Real (Niam)

*Gay fan fiction*

"He was my prince all along..."


7. Chapter Seven

~Harry's P.O.V~

Liam and Niall have been acting strange lately... they just seem really sad, mopping around the apartment. I really hope they're okay, it's weird to see them so upset. I don't like it. I see Liam head into the room after his shower and decide I should go and perhaps find out what's wrong. Walking up to their bedroom door, I can hear them talking about something and hope I'm not intruding on anything. Twisting the nob I step into the room and see them sitting on the bed. "H-" my voice is stuck in my throat when Niall leans in and their lips meet. I expect for Liam to pull away, disgusted but instead I see him kiss him back passionately  "What the fuck!?!" I exclaim and both of their heads shoot up. "What the fuck!?" I repeat, rage engulfing me. No, not rage... disgust. Niall and Liam look flustered, looking for words to explain this horrible act. "I-we- um, it's not what it looks like" Liam stutters and I shake my head. "You guys are disgusting" I spit at them, slamming the door behind me. The others had to know about them... 


(A/N- So, I was thinking of adding another romance into the story, comment which one you would like best! Love yah! xx)

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