This Is Real (Niam)

*Gay fan fiction*

"He was my prince all along..."


1. Chapter One

"Nialler? Time to wake up buddy" I feel someone shaking me into consciousness. I rub my eyes and see Liam's smiling face. I grin sleepily at him and force myself up. "Morning" he sings happily and I grin again. 
"Morning Li" I reply and hop out of bed. I look over at the alarm clock, 8:00. Oops, I slept in! 
"Hazza made us all pancakes! I knew you wouldn't want to miss out..." he heads into the kitchen and I follow him, smelling the pancakes all the way from here. Man, was I hungry! Liam knew me too well, what were best friends for? I take a seat and a plate of still warm pancakes is instantly pushed in my direction. I exchange good mornings with all of the boys before we all dig in. As usual, Harry's cooking was awesome! I smile at Liam who is still slowly eating his first pancake. He looks up and grins back, handing me one of the pancakes from his plate... he really did know me too well...


(A/N- Sorry that was short but just a little intro :))

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