This Is Real (Niam)

*Gay fan fiction*

"He was my prince all along..."


5. Chapter Five

~Liam's POV~

I just sit there. I felt contented to sit here for hours. Pretending I had no worries in the world. I don't know how long I've been in here, just letting the water wash away the pain. All of a sudden there's loud banging on the door. So much for peaceful... "Liam! You've been there for almost an hour now mate!" Zayn yells through the door. He probably wanted to fix up his hair...I slowly stand up, twist the tap off and wrap myself in a towel. Crap! I had rushed in here and had forgotten to get some clothes. I sigh, slowly peeking out from behind the door. "Uh, Zayn? Can you get me some clothes?" I ask him quietly and he chuckles before heading off into my room. I shut the door again and wait for him to come back. A couple minutes pass and there's another knocking at the door. I open it, expecting to see Zayn there but instead, in his place is Niall. He hesitates, his face going white. "Oh, uhh... I brought you clothes" he holds them out and smiles weakly. I tighten the towel around me before reaching for the t-shirt and jeans. Now I notice that Niall had also been crying... why? He lets go of the clothes before looking at me awkwardly. I slowly back away. "Well, I think I should get dressed" I laugh and he laughs along quietly. "Yeah" he scratches the back of his head before turning and heading to the door. Slamming it behind him again. 

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