Let the stars shine

I suck at writing bios btw. This is my first movella so here goes nothing:)
This is the life of five girls who all audition for the Xfactor who live completely different lives.But when they are all put together in a group, when all the other acts meet each other and when famous people come on the show, what happens? Will there be love? hate? or will there be a life changing surprise that'll changes their lives forever? Find out in the movella! After all, we've got to let the stars shine.


3. Silenc

Haley pov  

Yes! We are finally getting in our groups today! As nervous as I am, I'm pretty excited. 


Well, as much as I would love to share my life story with you, I had better get going!  


Kayleigh pov  

OMGeee so nervous right now! Don't get me wrong, I love the groups round, but I am so damn nervous! We're sitting down and my knees are literally shaking now. I look around to see myself seated with an idiot and an incredibly cute boy. Great. Just great. Because I am soooo not nervous anymore (!) Somebody talk to me please...  

Jared pov

(A/N: I suck at writing guys povs)

I'm sitting next to a beautiful girl. Should I talk to her? I should. 

"Hey, I'm Jared Banks. What's your name?"

She turns to face me. Oh god I really blew it now didn't I.   

"Me? Oh I'm Caitlin, but I swear that if you call me that, I will kill you. Call me Caity!"

And I thought that I said too much. We were talking for what seemed like hours like old friends, swapped cellphone numbers and promised to keep in touch.  

Caitlin pov

"GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE!" The producers shout. "Today you are all finding out who are in your groups for group round.

There was no doubt that everyone was excited for the groups round this year. In the first group...

We wait in silence as we wait for the first name to be called out




(A/N: So did you like the chapter? It was my first proper chapter of the book so I hoped you enjoyed it. lol. Next chapter is actually going to be the list of song choices so look out for it :) I'm also planning on updating today.)  

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