Let the stars shine

I suck at writing bios btw. This is my first movella so here goes nothing:)
This is the life of five girls who all audition for the Xfactor who live completely different lives.But when they are all put together in a group, when all the other acts meet each other and when famous people come on the show, what happens? Will there be love? hate? or will there be a life changing surprise that'll changes their lives forever? Find out in the movella! After all, we've got to let the stars shine.


9. Preparations

Mary-Lee pov


Great. Just great. 

All I wanted was a nice, easy group where everyone that got along really well and could run smoothly without any trouble at all. But noooo, that good for nothing Kirralee had to ruin it all for us! I'm glad we have plan b!

"You five! You'll still be on nearer the end as planned."

Good. So now we can actually practice.


Daisy pov


I have an idea!

"Since there's only five of us now, we can each take a part and Hal can sing Kirralee's part!"

Great now lets go back up there!


Kayleigh pov


OMGeee so nervous! I've already had Jared's group wish me luck and my group and I are lining up to go on the stage. The order is: Ali, Dylan, Faye, Me, Mace and Terrance.

Mace and I have become best friends but we are performing now so wish us luck!

"Hello."One of the judges say

"Hey, we are group one, and today we're singing Wings by Little Mix."

"Whenever your ready."




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