Let the stars shine

I suck at writing bios btw. This is my first movella so here goes nothing:)
This is the life of five girls who all audition for the Xfactor who live completely different lives.But when they are all put together in a group, when all the other acts meet each other and when famous people come on the show, what happens? Will there be love? hate? or will there be a life changing surprise that'll changes their lives forever? Find out in the movella! After all, we've got to let the stars shine.


6. I hate rules/Arrested

Haley pov

Dammit. We cant really practice that much anymore. Our group is called Finally (A/N: what they all said in the last proper update, ch.4). At least we are near the end so we can still talk, but apparently we have to follow these rules:

1. No Talking or Singing or Laughing allowed

2. No going past backstage unless you really need to pee

3. No troublemaking allowed

4. No dirty minded thoughts or words allowed

5.When your on stage go for it!!!

More pointless rules later...

No one pov

Everyone bursts into conversation about groups round.

"Well... Those rules are going to be hard to keep..."

"I aint no dirty minded freak yo!" Daisy and Kirralee shout.

"What are they doing?" Mary-Lee shouts

Jared pov

Nick and Haley are having yet another sass fight. In public.



Whos getting arrested now?

I think we need an emergency meeting. Now.

I turn around to a familiar face being taken away in handcuffs.





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