Let the stars shine

I suck at writing bios btw. This is my first movella so here goes nothing:)
This is the life of five girls who all audition for the Xfactor who live completely different lives.But when they are all put together in a group, when all the other acts meet each other and when famous people come on the show, what happens? Will there be love? hate? or will there be a life changing surprise that'll changes their lives forever? Find out in the movella! After all, we've got to let the stars shine.


4. Finding out our groups

(A/N: Hope you like this chapter and liked the last one. This time the next chapter will be their song list:) Sorry if you thought that it was this chapter.)


No one pov

"Faye Summers"

A short, shy looking blonde stands up.

"Macy Reynolds, Kayleigh Birch, Dylan Pearce, Terrance Ryder AND Alison Stacy."

Two boys and four girls stand up and walk out and get to know each other.  

Kayleigh pov

OMG they just called out my name! I stand up and walk out with the rest of my group to get to know each other.

"I'm Kayleigh." I say. 

"I'm Macy!" The brown haired one says.

"I'm Dylan." Blue eyes says.

"I'm Terrance" Quiff guy says with a wink. 

"I'm Alison, but call me Ali!" Blondie says

"I'm Faye" The shy blonde says. 

"Should we pick a song?" 

We all nod in agreement and look at the song choices.

Abby pov

"Next group is... Marie Rodger, Alyssa Davies, Savannah Rose, John Jameson, Steven Jack..." We waited in silence.

"aaaaaaand Abby Tomlinson!"

Thats me! Yay I'm in a group now! I stand up with the others and make my way out with them.

Kelsey pov

"aaaaaaand Abby Tomlinson!"

Is she related to Louis or something?  Oh well, I'll have to find out later. I hope this is my group now! 

"I bet you twenty bucks it's my group." whispers the boy next to me.  

"Bet ya twenty bucks it's mine" I say back.   "How did you get that Irish accent???"    

"Because I'm ... Irish."  

"Next group is... Maria Chalmers, Tegan Thompson, James Phillips, David Peters  Peter Gray..."

The boy next to me smiles, I guess he's either David, James or Peter.

"... aaaaaaand Kelsey Parker!"

I smile and we both stand up.  

"Name?" I ask  

"Peter, you?"  


 We all walk out and meet the rest of our group.  

Caitlin pov  

I'm sooo sick of sitting here so I decided to move to another seat with more people around.   "Next Group is..."   There's like four groups to go and I'm soooo bored right now.   

"Cathy Morris, Bailey Brown,"  

Just hurry up already!  

"Morgan Johns, Lily Grace, Emily Burns..."   

Please let it be me...   

"aaaaaaand Caitlin Fernandez!"  

Oh boy, this producer really knows how to annoy me. Oh well I'm in a group so yay!    

Haley pov  

"Next group is..."  

I heard someone snore. An incredibly cute someone. One of the few remaining boys. I decide to wake him up.  

"... Mary-Lee Rivers, Kirralee Diamond, Daisy Wilson, Jared Banks, Haley Johnson..."  

"YES FINALLY!!!" The boy and I shout simultaneously.   

Everyone turns to face us. We don't really care though and give each other a high five.  

"...aaaaaaand Nick Blunt! "  

We rush out the door to get some fresh air.  

"Finally!" we all say.    





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