Let the stars shine

I suck at writing bios btw. This is my first movella so here goes nothing:)
This is the life of five girls who all audition for the Xfactor who live completely different lives.But when they are all put together in a group, when all the other acts meet each other and when famous people come on the show, what happens? Will there be love? hate? or will there be a life changing surprise that'll changes their lives forever? Find out in the movella! After all, we've got to let the stars shine.


8. Emergency meeting


Well that sums up two things.

1.I need to give Mary-Lee a fiver.

2.We need an emergency meeting. Now.

Meh, I'll just flick them a text.

Nick pov

Haley is the best friend that anyone could have. 

Screw it. She actually is. We have a lot of things in common. Like how we've both got a good sense of humour, we both love food and how we always have sass fights that make us laugh. She couldn't be a better best friend.

"What's Daisy got to tell us?" She says.

I turn around just to be bowled over by Daisy, resulting all of us in a laughing heap on the ground. Mary-Lee's rambling on about something, but I only catch on to two words.

"Emergency meeting."

Once we eventually untangle ourselves from the mess we call a five-heap, we go to our practicing spot and practice.


(A/N: Sorry for the short chapter :( I had a longer chapter all written up and I was saving it and then the screen went black so I had to open it again and the chapter was gone! It was just horrible! Maybe a new chapter up today!) 


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