A Battle for Her Heart

Percy Jackson was a normal guy. Until he found out he was a demigod and his father was Poseidon god of the ocean. Now after saving and returning the lightning bolt Percy is back at camp Half Blood. He and Annabeth are figuring out the feelings for each other, but will a new demigod change that?


1. The new guy

Being back at camp half blood is great. Its good to see everyone again. Chiron calls us together. 

"Ok everyone get together hurry up now, today we have a new demigod joining us. His name is Drake." Chiron says.

That's weird he didn't mention who his parents are.

Chiron starts talking again.

"Blue team will you take him?" Chiron asks

All eyes turn to me.

"Sure. Welcome to the team Drake." I say smiling akwardly.

I throw him a helmet and I notice Annabeth looking at me. I smile and mouth "Good luck".

I glance over at Drake and I see him looking down kind of nervous. I walk over and pat his back

"Its just capture the flag. Just try not to get hurt." i say.

I walk away smiling.




Ok I know the chapter was short but the next one is going to be longer. :)

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