I thought wrong

Nobody could ever help me. I was lost, as much as my friends loved me nothing could change. I can just hear the screams replaying over and over in my head. It hurt, I hurt. I'm lost him, he was my everything. But after that fight... Nothing felt the same, we hadn't talked in months. I completely blocked him out, I still can't believe what he did, he broke my heart. We were so close but now... I don't even know.
Hi I'm Alice Devine, I was best friends friends with Liam Payne we'd been friends since we were 3. Nothing could break us apart, until now when I found out it was all a lie, our friendship, everything. He didn't care for me, he just wanted someone to make fun of.

*contains sexual references and bad language. Age 15+ only*


3. Why?

*Alice's P.O.V*

**Next Day**

Why did Liam do what he did? He's do it this time, he's never done anything like that before. Sure he's been a dick sometimes, but this time... I just don't know I can trust him, I mean he tried to do it with me! Yeah he was drunk, but still, thats no excuse. I don't even know what came over him, but whatever it was, I don't like it, and I don't want him in my life any more.I thought we were best friends.

I thought Wrong.


*Daniels P.O.V*

"Baby, are you ok?" I said looking at Alice, she's been acting so weird since last night. Two days ago things were fine, we were all hanging and laughing... And then last night happened, but what happened? 

"Yeah... I'm fine Dan" Alice mumbled

"What..... What happened last night? Please tell me" I said sitting down on her bed and picking up her hand

"N-nothing, we just... had a fight" Alice said, I know she was lying. She was refusing to make eye contact with me, she always did it when she was lying or trying to hide something from me... Something big. Why wouldn't she tell me whats up?  I'm her boyfriend, we always tell each other everything. But this time... I just don't know.

"No baby, please stop lying. Please?" I pleaded cupping her chin and turning her head to me

"I doesn't matter now, I don't care. Can we just not talk about it?" Alice said looking down at her hands

"Ok Al" I said pulling her close for a hug "I love you, don't forget that" I mumbled into her hair

"I love you too Daniel, your my everything" She said into my chest while snaking her arms around my waist

*Star Wars theme song* "Al can I please have my phone?" I asked looking at my caller ID as she passed it to me, Liam. What does he want? He's already caused shit here, but maybe he'll tell me what happened between her and him last night.

"I'll be right back baby" I said standing up and kissing Alice on the cheek before walking out of the room "What do you want Liam?" 

"Hey, I'm sorry for last night. Can... Can I please talk to Alice? She won't answer my texts or calls..." Liam stuttered 

" I don't think she's want to bro, she's still pretty pissed at you. What happened anyway? She won't tell me" I said nervously scared of what Liam would say to me

"I..... I don't know if I should tell you, just know I fucked up big time mate. Can you just tell her I'm sorry and that I know I'm dick head. Please?" Liam begged

"Sure mate, I'll talk to you later" I said Hanging up the phone and walking back into Alice's room.

"Who was that?" She said looking up from her phone

"Nobody" I replied plainly, Alice just shrugged and went back to scrolling through her phone. I've never seen her act like this, ever. It's bugging me why she won't tell me what happened, but I know she'll come around eventually and tell me whats up.   She always does. 

I don't even know what to do, she's so distant, she flinches if I touch her. Something happened, something bad. What the hell did Liam do?, the thoughts just kept on running through my head, why is she acting so weird? What happened? Why? Why won't she tell me? Does she not trust me any more? Does she not love me? No of course not, she still loves me right? I don't need to be so worried




Can you guys please  comment what you think? I'm kinda unsure if I should carry on writing this...... I don't wanna do it if no-one's gonna tell if they like it or not, so please let me know? 


- Grace xx



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