I thought wrong

Nobody could ever help me. I was lost, as much as my friends loved me nothing could change. I can just hear the screams replaying over and over in my head. It hurt, I hurt. I'm lost him, he was my everything. But after that fight... Nothing felt the same, we hadn't talked in months. I completely blocked him out, I still can't believe what he did, he broke my heart. We were so close but now... I don't even know.
Hi I'm Alice Devine, I was best friends friends with Liam Payne we'd been friends since we were 3. Nothing could break us apart, until now when I found out it was all a lie, our friendship, everything. He didn't care for me, he just wanted someone to make fun of.

*contains sexual references and bad language. Age 15+ only*


2. The Party

*That Night*

Alice P.O.V


"Babe you ready?" Daniel said poking his head round my door

"Uh yeah just a sec" I said putting my heels on

"Sweet. Well you just look so pretty now don't you?"  Daniel said leaning down to kiss my cheek 

"Thanks" I smile "You don't look so bad yourself" I added cheekily 

"Oi!" Daniel said whipping around from where he was fixing his hair... Yet again

"You know I'm kidding hun" I said standing up "Come on, lets get going"

"Wanna take my car?" Daniel asked following me down the stairs

"Sure. Bye mum, dad" I called through the kitchen door

"See ya sweet heart. Here I'll give you a ride" My mum said walking  out of the kitchen "Dads cooking tonight"

"Oh, ok thanks" Daniel and I said in sync


* At the party *

I had a drink in my hand, the music was going and it was loud. I was with my friends on the dance floor, I didn't know where Daniel was, with the rest of the boys I guess. Suddenly 'Kiss You' by Ed Sheeran came on, me and Summer went crazy. We love him, he's like fucking Ginger Jesus! And he has the voice of an angel.

"Alice!" I heard someone yell

"Oh hey Liam" I said turning around to see him half walking half stumbling towards me, great he's drunk.

"You look gorgeous" Liam smiled as he looked me up and down... No wait, was he checking me  out? No of course not, he's my best friend why would he do that? Well he not so I should stop worrying

"Thanks, don't look so bad yourself" I laughed

"Come with me Al" Liam said grabbing my wrist tightly, it hurt.

"Ow Liam that hurts!" I said trying to get out of his grip, but failed

"Sorry" He mumbled as he dragged me into a room shutting the door behind him and pushing me up against the wall

"Liam?" I said giving him a look

"I want you" he said pushing his lips against mine

"Liam no!" I said trying to push him off 

"We both know we both want this" He said grabbing my thighs as I squirmed

"Liam, I said no!" I yelled pushing him off me

"Don't be silly Al" Liam said pushing me down on the bed and holding me down. It hurt, god I hate drunk Liam he was so... Aggressive

"Liam I'm serious!" I yelled as he pushed me further up on the bed and tugged at my shirt "Liam I don't want this!"

"Yeah you do" He said kissing me again, harder this time "Kiss me"

"No! Fuck off!" I said turning my head away

"Don't be stubborn Alice" 

"Liam stop, I don't want this. I have Daniel, I love him and you know it. Whats wrong with  you?!" I said squirming even more

"Daniel? That wanker? C'mon Alice" Liam said laughing

"I'm not kidding Liam. Just stop" I spat

"Fuck you then" Liam said getting off of me and giving me a look that could kill "Go on, go  to your precious Daniel" Whats Liam on about? He's drunk, I've just gotta calm down....... So does he, but what does he think he's doing trying to pull something?

"Liam" I said soothingly reaching out to him for him to only flinch away getting more pissed off "Please?"

"What?!" Liam said glaring at me

"Whats up? Please?" I said reaching out to him to only have him push my arm away "For god's sake Liam! Whatever the fuck is wrong with you, I don't care now! Jesus, what's your fucking problem?!"

"MY PROBLEM?!" Liam shouted, I hated it when he got mad I never know what to do, he's so.... Pushy "My problem is that you don't see whats right, you just care about you precious Daniel. So just piss of Alice I don't giv-"

"Liam? What the hell? You got a problem with Al mate?" Daniel said walking in the room looking angry

"Fuck off" Liam said pushing past Daniel and leaving the room after flicking me off. Whats his problem? He's never like this.

"Alice babe, you alright?" Daniel said coming towards me and sitting down next to me "What was going on?" 

"I..... I don't know" I murmered and tears rolled down my cheeks

*Liams P.O.V*

"Fuck off" I said walking past Daniel and giving Al the finger

Why can't Alice see that Daniel isn't good enough for her? I love her! She's gonna hate me now, I just tried to do it with her, shit, I can't just say I was drunk! Argh I'm an idiot, I think I just ruined our freidnship, we're best friends and I just went and did that to her! 

I've really done it this time.



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