I'm sorry Louis (Louis fan fiction)

Emily is the new band member in One Direction!She is having a lot of fun but one thing gets in her way.She gets a lot of hate and she dose not like it but she tries too hold it in.She ends her life.See how Louis feels about it by reading this heart breaking story.


2. chapter 2

Louis P.O.V:

I sat on the toilet sobbing,looking at Emily that is now dead.I looked around the room and saw a note attached on the wall! I grabbed it.

"Mate's,look"!I stared at the note.

~The Note~

"I am sorry for killing myself,it's just that all the hates and haters out there were messing with my life so I could never be happy.I prayed for better things but it never worked.So I hope too see you guys in heaven soon but I still hope it will be long! Just for the Directioners!!! Love you guys~Always remember......Forever young.Bye Louis.


I stared at the note starting too cry and cry.It kinda made me feel better but I was still devastated about the life less body that was my biggest Love in the world.I walked out and went in the living room too cry once again. Liam came in and started too hug me and comforted me.

"We have too get rid of the body",He said,trying too be quit.

Harry walked in and held Emily bridal style.We burned her flesh into bones and put it in a plastic vase.I cherished that vase and never parted from it.

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