Mystery Louis

Rosie Parker wasn't the popular one at school. In fact, everyone didn't hate either. She was happy, it seemed. But, there was a secret that nobody knew. Her family died in a tragic car crash. She lives by herself and support herself. She was afraid to tell anyone, even her best friend, Katie Green. But when she goes online into a chat box, and meet Louis Tomlinson, Will she open up?


1. Me, Myself, and I

There it was. My family's grave standing right in front of me. My mom, dad, and brother,Kyle, died in a tragic car accident 3 months ago. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rosie Parker. I have brown hair, green eyes, and i'm 17. Everyone thinks i'm happy... but i'm not. I cry myself to sleep every night just knowing i dont have a family anymore. I'm in living hell. 


I get on my laptop and go to this sight that allows you to talk t random people. Different, i know. Dangerous, but you have to some danger in your lie right? Then, someone pops up.


Mysteryboy78: Hi

Mysterygirl78: Hi, i guess

Mysteryboy78: I know, it's awkward on here. My name is Louis.

Mysterygirl78: Lol. Rosie

Mysteryboy78: Pretty name. xD

Mysterygirl78: Thnx. Hey ttyl. I gtg.

Mysteryboy78: Are you just trying to get rid of me?

Mysterygirl78: Haha, no. I'll add ya into my contacts. Heres a pic of me. -Pic of her-

Mysteryboy78: Same. -pic of him- Alright see ya

And with that, i went to school. 



Hey guys. I hope you liked the first chapter. :)

Jessica ♥

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