Being Bullied by 1D

Destiny was an average girl and had amazing friends! Until she hit high school. 9th grade. 5 boys tormented her, abusing and calling her a slut, whore, etc. They made her life a living hell. They teased her about living with over a hundred different families, mostly all of them were druggies and abusers. All her friends abandoned her, but was that it? Why did the bully, Destiny? Questions you may never know unless you read this story, Being Bullied by One Direction.


3. The Move

Being Bullied by One Direction

Chapter 3

Destiny's POV:

I began to snivel. Tears streamed down my face. Don't get me wrong I hated my school, but I loved Julie! She was the best parent I had ever had. And I was so close to get at least 1 friend. But, he had to impress his fricken friends! All I could hear was a voice saying:

"Destiny its time." Time? Time for what? Oh wait. "Destiny!!" I got pulled out of my thoughts.

"Uh, sorry." My head hurt. But, I still got out of the car, grabbed my bags, and walked into the building. It had about 4 floors. The whole staff was like family because of the numerous times i've been there. "Hey Margret."

"Oh, hello Destiny." I walked up to the elevator and pressed the button.

"Come on come on come on!" The doors magically opened. "Wala!" I threw my hands into the air, symbolizing a victory. I walked in; waiting for the doors to close. Soon, pressing floor 6. ********* I made my way up to floor 6. None of my old friends were at the adoption center, they've all been adopted... My room had purple walls, the bed sheets and comforter is purple with white polka dots. I liked my room. Especially because I have my own flat screen! Most kids don't even have a tv. "Well, I better make the best of it." I turned the tv on, going straight to the news and saw..... Harry? And this is what it said:  

Reporter;"So Harry. Who are you here with?"

Harry;"Well, my best friends, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn, of course!"

Reporter;"Wow! I can't believe your auditioning as a group of 5! Anyways, I wish you boys the best of luck in the X Factor UKauditions!"

Harry;"Thank you!" Reporter;"And there you have it! The auditions will be starting soon, so stay tuned!"


I turned off the tv. They can't even sing?! Why in cheese's name are they going on for the X Factor UK?! This makes no sense. But, I turned it back on viewing them sing. And they were pretty dang good! I began to listen when they finished;

Simon:"So boys what do you call yourselves?"

The boys:"One Direction!"

Simon:"Well One Direction, I give you a.... Yes."


Natalie:"Yes! Of course!"

The boys:"YAY!!"

Simon:"I guess that's it boys. Good Luck."


"Are you kidding me?" My eyes shut as I threw my arms in the air showing mg frustration. I heard a knock at my door. "Come in." I said in my nicest voice.

"Well, sweetie. I know you just got here, but a family wants to meet you tomorrow morning. So, if you have unpacked, I'd get packing!" Margret had told me.

"Oh, okay thank you." I smiled. She walked out shutting the door behind her.


DING DING DING! I slapped the clock, automatically turning it off.

"I guess today's the day." I get dressed in my pink, creme, and navy blue striped sweater, light blue skinny jeans, a creme beanie, and my creme converse. I know, I know a lot of creme, but I loved it! My feet made their way to the door, so I opened it. Only to go to the elevator and make my way down to the main floor.


"Margret are they here yet?" I whine as she shooshes me. I grinned and began to ease drop on her conversation with some people;

"Yes, yes. She's right through that door."

"Okay, I'm sure she'll be nice. My little Louie needs another sibling!" I can't help, but to think... oh great me being an older sister.. Yay. Not.

"Well how about you go and meet her!"


They walk through the door and I can't help, but notice who this family was. "LOUIS?!" I yell.

"DESTINY?!" He yelled as well.

"Oh great you too already know each other!" His mother says. She's never really seen me, even though we were neighbors... He face palmed himself.


After my new mother had signed the papers I brought down my bags and we got into the car. Louis sat next to me in the back seat. "Welcome... Destiny Grace Tomlinson." He rolled his eyes."Mum, put me up to this.

I smirked. "Wow..." He then whispered something in my ear;

"So this is where you went when you said,'I guess you'll be happy!" I nodded whilst biting my lip.



"W-Will you and the boys hurt me still?" Shivering began to take over my body before he could answer.

"I-I don't know.." He took off his jacket and wrapped it around me. "Don't tell anyone about this.." I nodded.

"So, I heard you got into the X Factor UK." All Louis did was smile and gave a slight nod.

"Oh look! We're here!" He grabbed my bags and ran out of the car, into the house. I slowly walked into the house and up the stairs. My eyes looked around the small hallway and saw Louis jogging out of a room. "That's yours," he said, pointing to the small bedroom behind him. It was... perfect? Their were purple walls, purple and white striped comforter and sheets, white dressers, and a white closet. Lastly, a white desk that had an Apple Macbook on it! I feel so spoiled already.

"Is this all for me?" He nods as I squeal."Wow." I ran up and hugged him, soon realizing what I had done.

"Umm.." he seemed a bit irritated.

"S-Sorry! Sorry!" I apologized.

"Its fine." And before I know it 4 girls come running up to me and giving me a bear hug.

"Hi! I'm Lottie, this is Felicite, and they are Daisy and Phoebe!" I waved.

"Hi!" I say and give a welcoming smile. They all run back to their rooms, leaving Louis and I, alone. "Okay, well I better get unpacked."

"Yup." I walk into my room then grab my suitcase. My bag was full of clothes, so I carefully put them in separate drawers by what type of clothing they were, shirts, pants, pajamas, undergarments, etc. Then I move to the closet, hanging my jackets and dresses and skirts on hangers. Now I put them on the little racks. "Perfect!" I zip up the suitcase and shove it into my closet. "All done!" I wipe my hands together. The smell of mashed potatoes and turkey lingered in my nose. Yummy! I haven't had a home cooked meal in forever! Julie hardly cooked. Louis's voice knocked me out of my home cooked meal thoughts.

"Dinner's done." I nodded as we both made our ways into the kitchen.


"That was delisious, Jay!" Jay is my new mum now.

"Ohh Thank you, Destiny!" I smiled;

"Your welcome." As dinner ended I helped with the dishes and over heard Louis talking to mum;

"Can Harry come over, mum?"

"Well... it isn't a school night, so I guess so."

"Yes!!" Louis squealed. He sounded like a girl.

"No need to sound like a girl, pip squeak!" I giggled.

"Very funny, Destiny!" He came into the kitchen rolling his eyes. I made my way back up to my bedroom when I heard Harry's voice. Oh no.

"Hey Hazza!" "Boobear!" They hugged. I ran into my room and slammed the door. Then, turned on the tv to block out most of their conversations. I began to get worried if Louis was gonna tell Harry about me. How was he going to take everything?! I'm so scared! My hands grabbed my laptop, so I logged onto twitter and tweeted. I had about 1,309 followers. Not too shabby, I must say so myself. What I tweeted was; 'Home Sweet Home! Finally here!<3' I got 10 comments asking things like,'Where are you at?' Or 'Ooo! Awesome!! :D' All my followers were nice to me...probably because they don't know me. I wanted to check out Louis's twitter, so I did. HOLY MAC MILLER! HE HAS.. HE HAS.. OVER 10 MILLION FOLLOWERS?!?! Well, I guess that's what you get for being on the X Factor UK.

"Louie, does this room still have your XBOX in it?" My eyes shot to the door. I quickly exited out of twitter, logged off my laptop, and hid under the bed. As soon as I hid the door swung open. "Who lives in here?"

"Uh.. its for Lottie! She needs 2 rooms... Uhh.. Teenage girls these day.. Ahh right Haz?" Louis elbowed him in the shoulder.

"No." I made a faint sneeze, but I doubt he heard! Then again, he did turn around and crouch down beside the bed. Oh shit. I closed my eyes. "Destiny?" My eyes fluttered open.

"Uhh, who's Destiny?" I said in my best American accent.

"I'm not stupid. I was your best friend since we were 14."

"Yeah, WAS." I emphasized the word was. A blanket of guilt covered his face. "Yeah, that's what I thought."

"Well, why are you at Louie's house?" I hesitated before answering. My first action was to look at Louis for help. He nodded in approval.

"H-His mum a-adopted me." My teeth bit my bottom lip. I could tell he was in shock.

"So you? Louis's sister now?" I nodded in answer. "LOUIS WHAT THE FUCK?!" He shrugged. I took the action  of shoving them out of my room and slamming the door. Then, locked it.  

Harry's POV:  

Destiny? Adopted by Jay and Mark? This is going to be shit.

"Louis are you kidding me? Am I on Punked?"

"I'm afraid not, boo."

"Your coming to my house from now on." I laughed,"got it?" He rolled his eyes.

"Your such a drama queen." All my actions were flipping my hair like a girl and then telling Lou something:

"Oh yes!" I fluttered my eyelashes.

Louis shook his head,"Oh my dear Hazza." We laughed together until I heard an amazing voice! Singing I think.. Grenade by Bruno Mars?

"Is that by chance Lottie?"

"Uh, no... I think its Des-"

"Destiny." I interrupted. He nodded. We both got up and snuck to her door. Shivers ran down my spine. Was this song about me? Se sounded so beautiful. AH WHAT AM I THINKING?!

"You ok man?" Louie whispered. I guess my face looked worried. So, after Destiny finished Grenade she started singing Jar of Hearts. Like seriously? Are you trying to kill me with you amazing voice?!? Jesus christ.    As she finished Boobear and I heard footsteps come near her door so we crawled into his room. A small, skinny figure came through his door;

"Thanks for ease dropping! Totally appreciated it." Destiny rolled her eyes.  


Destiny's POV:

"Thanks for eavesdropping! Torally appreciated it." I rolled my eyes. I still had my guitar gripped into my hand. I couldn't help myself but to stare into Harry's eyes. They were a warm and welcoming shade of green. Then I stared at his hair. His curls weren't too curly, they were perfect. Now his dimples. Ahhh. Those, those never made me disappointed. Harry's dimples have been the hottest thing ever. I remember all the times I used to poke them and after I did we would have a long passionate kiss. Those days. I sometimes miss them. Like A LOT. "Uhh, I better go." The two nodded in agreement, so I went off. My guitar got gently put down on its stand. Therefore I made my way down ti the kitchen whilst checking my youtube account. I have about 7,000+ followers... Gained by myself! Why you may ask? Well, my voice! Singing covers and even my own songs are what got me here. I love to sing, obviously.

I started to hum the song 'Talking to the Moon' by Bruno Mars. My brain felt like it needed to eavesdrop on the boys conversations, so I stopped humming and listened to every word they said:

Harry:"So, what's up for tonight?"

Louis:"A movie?"

Harry:"OOO!! Let's watch... Red Dawn."

Louis:"YOU, of all the movies YOU-Harry Styles-picked Red Dawn?"

Harry:"Y-Yes... Hey it looks good!"

Louis:"K fine."


I decide to randomly walk in. "I wanna watch Red Dawn too!" I squealed. "Now who's the eavesdropper?" My eyes rolled.

"But, can I?" Louis looked at Harry, Harry looked at Louis. Then, an answer came from Harry;

"Erm, fine." I ran off to my bedroom getting into my gray sweatpants and a white sports bra. Then some fuzzy socks! Taking a look in the mirror I decided to put my hair into a messy bun. That's how I roll, home dog! Bahaha. Ahhh, Destiny your so stupid. I walked down the hallway, guiding me to the staircase. My feet scurried down the steps and into the den, there laid a huge flat screen, a huge couch, blankets and pillows on the ground for the boys, and 3 huge popcorn bowls.

"Yay!" I waltzed over to the couch and sat down. All I did was stare at my phone screen while texting some guy from school until a voice made me jump. "Wowza."

"Oh my god, curly. Don't ever do that again!"

"Curly? Okay... Well, you should really put on a shirt." I stare at his abs;

"Right back at ya." We both faintly laughed and sat next to each other. Louis sat on the ground where his pillow was. And before we knew it he was passed out. At a few parts of the movie I jumped and cuddled into Harry's bare chest, but right as the movie ended I fell fast asleep in his arms.  


A/N Longer chapter! Yay! xD I hope you liked this chapter, it was mostly about Destiny moving places, blah blah blah... So, any suggestions for a name for Destiny's new bff? Comment it! Don't forget to COMMENT and SHARE(:

Love my bbys!<33

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