Being Bullied by 1D

Destiny was an average girl and had amazing friends! Until she hit high school. 9th grade. 5 boys tormented her, abusing and calling her a slut, whore, etc. They made her life a living hell. They teased her about living with over a hundred different families, mostly all of them were druggies and abusers. All her friends abandoned her, but was that it? Why did the bully, Destiny? Questions you may never know unless you read this story, Being Bullied by One Direction.


5. Same or Different?

Being Bullied by One Direction

Chapter 5


Destiny's POV:

All this time I've been a piece of dirt. Im so dumb!! A worthless piece of shit.

My feet make there way to my closet grabbing the first pair of clothes that I see. Which included a black camisole, jean vest, and regular skinny jeans. Along with my black converse and a black and white lettering saying,'OBEY' hat. I made my way down into the kitchen and ate a quick bowl of cheerios. Yum. As I hear Louie running down the stairs I snatch up my messenger bag and head for the door.

"Hey Destiny, wait for me!!" Louie screams from the kitchen. I spot him running-putting on his backpack-down the hallway, with an apple in his mouth.

"Go on." Louis runs out to the car; slipping into the drivers seat whilst I slip into the passengers.

"Mind if I go pick up Harry? We made up..."

"Oh sure! That would be lovely!" I say sarcastically.

"Shut up." He nudges me in the shoulder. My eyes roll. Ha. Harry in this car? With me? AND Louis? NOT A GOOD MIX. But, we still make it over to his house and he hops into the car, no words, no expression, nothing. My hand reaches to turn the radio on, so I do. When I figure out what the song is, I sing along. Skyfall by Adele.


Harry's POV:

Louie and Destiny come and pick me up before school. I hopped into the car saying no words and remained emotionless. As the silence became totally awkward Destiny reached for the radio and turned it on. I automatically knew what the song was right as it turned on, Skyfall! My voice urged me to sing, but it never happened. Only the voice that filled the air was Adele's and Destiny's. Goosebumps ran through my body. Ergh how could I have said that? I should've known someone would hear. OF COURSE IT HAD TO BE DESTINY!!! ERGH. 

A sudden silence occurred. Then Louis came to a stop. Destiny and Lou exchanged confused stares then stared directly at me.

"You okay, Haz?" Lou asked, a little worried.

"Just peachy.... why?"

"Well you shouted; 'ERGH.' So.... yeah.." I could still hear hurt in her voice. I feel so guilty! I want to try and win her back, but it seems impossible. I did it once, so I think I can do it twice... hopefully. On the other hand I would understand why she wouldn't take me back or even just hear me out and let me apologize. Everything between Destiny and I was in jeopardy... well even more now even though there was hardly any us.

The car jerked forward and we were off; heading towards the school parking lot. When Louis found a spot I swung the door open then dashed for the building to get away from them. I wanted to deny Louie picking me up for school, but he wanted to make up for blowing up on me. Which I totally understand that because I wouldn't want my boo feeling guilty for blowing up on me for kissing Destiny. Destiny. Oh Destiny. I'm so stupid! "Pretending" to like Destiny... when I actually did.

My feet hit the floor in the most annoy way until a girl stops and stares at me, then smiles. Her bleach blonde hair is so... Bleachy blonde. And her face... Is overly caked with makeup! The girl hands me a slip of paper, all I do is nod.

"I'm Selina." Selina winked before walking away. I must say that she's such a slut. I feel disgusted over these types of girls now. Me being a player has stopped all because of one special girl I've known since we were actually 14. I know I've said 16, but that was when I really didn't want to believe that we've known each other for so long. I love her. She used to love me, Destiny even admitted it to my face! When she overheard my talking to Angie. Now that girl is a whore. Ever since she started to date me she turned all slutty and wearing the weirdest outfits. My heart told me to break up with her the first I heard Destiny confront me of my actions, but my idiotic brain was telling me otherwise; to date the douche bag. And you know what? She cheated on me 5 times and all I did was shake it off! I could've still been with Destiny, never bullied her, never hurt her, she'd be mine. My baby.


Destiny's POV:

Zayn and Liam have been calling me names and punching and slapping me all day today. I haven't seen Harry or Louis, or that one blonde haired boy that hung out with the 4 others... Niall I think? That boy always looked so innocent. I have not a clue why in the world he would hang out with the stupid boys. In my defense he did get Harry when I was lying on the ground,  almost paralyzed, and the posse went all out on me and I almost killed myself for crying out loud! Don't get me wrong, I still love Harry. I always did. I never stopped, why would I? He was my first and last kiss actually. I dated no one after we broke up and he went with that Angie girl, he still is. My heart will be forever broken unless I meet a new love of my life. But, I can only imagian my life with Harry no one else? This is going to be weird.

By the time I get home I hear Harry and Lou in Louis's room playing some video game.The more I hear Harry's voice the more I want to curl up and go die in a hole. Why? Well, his voice is beautiful and makes me want to melt every time I hear it. Why can't this boy be as ugly as a frog? Why did I just use that example..?! Frog + princess + kiss = prince and princess live happily ever after. NO. We are not living happily ever after! Harry is NOT going to be the father of my children! I WILL NEVER MARRY HARRY STYLES!



 I had no homework today so I felt like doodling my name in a journal. My hand grasped the book and I gracefully moved the pen up and down forming each letter nice and neat. I have no clue why, but I wrote:

'Destiny Styles♥♥' several times in thejournal. My brai forced my teeth to bite down ontop my btoom lip. It had become a hbbit now ever since I began to get bullied by Harry and his crew. All I want right now is to be sang to and to fall fast asleep because I am exhausted! My head popped up when I heard a knock at my door. Now, I turned into a deer in a pair of headlights when The doorknob turned. I scurried across the floor putting the journal back into its original positon before the person came into my room. As the door began to open I scanned the room for a seat. Ahh, right by my desk. I quickly opened my MAcbook and sat down in the chair. And before I knew it Harry had walked into my room with 2 slice of pizza.

"I aways will remember my pizza girl."

"Get out of my room and take your stupid pizza with you. I'm no longer YOUR pizza girl." I emphasized the YOUR. 

"Well whos pizza girl are you?"

"No ones. I will never be anyone's pizza girl. Ecspecially yours." he stares at me with utter confusion," What don't remember what you did to me for the past 2 years going on 3?" I could see the hurt in his eyes. Oh his green orbs, they could distract me from anything. He was so adorable I just had too. I ran up to him-wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him closer-leaning in for the kiss. When our lips attached I felt a sudden spark go off, like his lips were meant for mine. And that's how it felt. When we kissed before nothing liked this happened, but now it does? Harry pulls me closer, closing the gap between us, as I pull his head closer down to mine to deepen our kiss. Once he had enough lip action he set wet kisses down my neck, but I stopped him.

"No stop, Styles." he nodded, understanding what I meant.


it was about night time and Harry had slept over, it was already spring break. The boys were downstairs watching a movie, so I decided to walk down there to see Harry. I knew Louie was aseep by now because he gets super tired from watching movies. I spot Harry on his phone and like I predicted, Louis asleep.

"Hey," I whisper with a smile.

"Hi" He smiled back. Harry motioned for me to sit on his lap, so I did. 

"Aren't you cold?" he shook his head,"Its f-freezing!" I shout whisper. Harry picked me up bridal style and brought me back to my room, but instead of just ditching me off he climbed under the covers with me. the warmness of his body made me warm. Oh Harry Styles... Why do you have to be so cute?

Harry's POV:

We entwined our legs together. I pulled her close to me, she was freezing. My thumb wiped away the hairs that were on her face then started to rub circles on Destiny's back.

"Sing to me?" she said faintly.

"Anything for you." I kissed her forehead and began to sing Truely, Madly, Deeply. As I finished we both drifted off to sleep.



So I hope you liked this chapter! ;D Its short... I know, but I'm pretty satisfied with it c: Its almost midnight here so yeah... And don't worry I will probably bring up the rest of the boys in a few chapters and a new character.. Destiny's Best friend! Also, I'm thniking of making a trailer for this story and will post it on Youtube :3

Please go and listen to Truly Madly Deeply! Also, here's the outfit Destiny wore;

One more thing. I'm making a new story as well as this story, so when it comes out I will make an A/N about it so please when it comes out go check it out!<3

I love y'all!!:)<3

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