Being Bullied by 1D

Destiny was an average girl and had amazing friends! Until she hit high school. 9th grade. 5 boys tormented her, abusing and calling her a slut, whore, etc. They made her life a living hell. They teased her about living with over a hundred different families, mostly all of them were druggies and abusers. All her friends abandoned her, but was that it? Why did the bully, Destiny? Questions you may never know unless you read this story, Being Bullied by One Direction.


7. Is That You?

{Being Bullied by One Direction}


Please listen to the song incuded with this chapter, it kinda goes with the chapter. blah blah blah. xD)

Chapter 7

Destiny's POV:

I received a text while I was swinging, reading;

'Sorry For all those mean texts... and the promise between Hazza and I. It's just you were like my little sis and Harry and I were like... twins I guess you would say.. When you started to date Harry I was protective over you, but Harry meant more bc we grew up together. Please no hard feelings over me saying Haz meant more. Now, you mean more bc you are actually my lil sis and I think Harry has been an arse to you, no joke


I smiled. That was true, he has been an arse. Oops I think I said Harry has been an arse out loud..

"I know I have.." Someone's raspy says whilst walking up to me.

"Harry, go away."


"Why? You have the nerve to say, Why?"

"Dest-" he had replied back.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!!" I shouted, which made Harry jump. My heart was pounding, all I seemed to be doing was breathing and staring at Harry's lips. "I-I love you.." My hand wiped the tears falling from my eyes as I mumbled the words. If our love is a tragedy then why is he my remedy? He walked up to me;

"What was that?" he whispered to me," because I made up my mind..."

"And what's your decison? To ditch me like you have always did..?" Harry got closer to me and crouched down beside the swing I was on. 

"No. To do this.." And with that he took my chin, pulled my head down, and kissed my lips. His were warm; they tasted like strawberries. My legs stood me up whilst Harry did and my arms wrspped around his neck as his around my waist. "To Love you." We both smiled and laughed. "The best relationships are rocky at first, but they turn out to be amazing." I raised my eyebrows.

"Mhmm..?" He nodded then hugged me.

"I will never let you go, Destiny." I started to get a little teary eyed which I figured he saw; "You okay, babe?"

"I've missed the real you Harry. I've missed Harold Edward Styles." Harry moved the hair out of my face and pecked my lips.

"The thing is, I've missed myself too. I've missed having you as my own. You should know I never stopped loving you. No matter what I had ever said it was never true."

"Harry, I can't take you back, no matter how much I love you, I feel as if I gave you too many chances- Too much of my heart."

"I was worried about that."

"I-I'm sorry." My feet stumbled when I dragged my feet to my car. This was one of the most painful things I have ever done. My hands ran through my long, brown hair. When I plopped into the car I started to sob. I guess this is goodbye Harry. Farewell.


The week has passed by quick and I've been a mess. I haven't left my bedroom at all, not even for food. Louis always brings a tray of breakfast/lunch/dinner for me because he just feels bad. Everyday I've either been starng at the spot Harry laid down next to me the last time he was here or listening to sad music and sobbing. I need Harry, he was my other half, my soulmate. I know this seems creepy, but I found Harry's shirt in Louis's room, so I took it and have been wearing it ever since the night I ended everything. Being my idiotic self I blocked out most of the world, including my tv, iphone, laptop, and even my family. For a few days Lottie and the other girls tried to cheer me up, but it was no use. And even one night I was brought tacos too by Louis. Which that made me sob so much more becuase they're Harry's favorite food. I'm such a mess.


Harry's POV: 

I've been getting texts from Louie saying,'Destiny's a mess dude.. Come now.' But, I doubt they are true mostly because she broke up with me. I mean I'm crushed, but I'm fine.... I guess. Getting in a break up is normal, so I mean moving on is okay.. right? Yeah... Y-Yeah.


2 Years Later (This is lets just say 2014. because Harry's 19 right now and the story up until now was when he was 18. Sooooooo Yeah. Sorry for not really including 1D singing and all dat... I mean I LOVE THEIR VOICES. but I wanna keep the story on the romance level.) Still Harry's POV



"COME ON ZAYN STOP BEING A POOR SPORT!!" I yelled as Zayn was cussing under his breath for losing Mario Cart to me. 

"I was so close, Hazza!!" he yelled back.

"Better next time." After I say that my girlfriend comes in, her name's Delilah.

"Hey babby." She whispers in my ear, giving me goosebumps,"You, me tonight?" I raised an eyebrow. This is all the girl wants... it makes me sick sometimes.

"Uhh, nahh I want to spend some time with the boys tonight."

"That's always your answer!" she yelled, which I think everyone heard because the rest of the crew (Niall, Louie, and Liam) came into the room with concerned looks." You know what Styles. WE ARE OVER, O-V-E-R." And with that she was out. I felt nothing leave my heart because she was never in it.

"YES!!!!" I did a funny dance which made all the boys laugh. Then everyone went silent because of a knock at the door."I'LL GET IT!!!" I yelled whilst Louis tried to stop me.

"NO HARRY STOP!! ITS-" He shut off his voice as I opened the door. And in front of my eyes lays a beautiful brunette with some lighter brown highlights, brown eyes, tan skin, and she even has a tattoo of an infinity sign with the word 'infinity'' on it. She was sexy, but I felt like I have met her before.

"Hello gorgeous." I winked at her and she rolled her eyes. But, I shrugged it off.

"Yo beautiful." Louie nudged her shoulder.

"Right back at you cupcake." All the boys laughed, but me. Am I missing something? "Here's you lunch guys, Nandos." Niall went crazy yelling;

"YAYAYAYA THANK YOU D- YOU..." Okay.. there is something up. 

"What are you guys keeping from me?" I asked utterly confused. 

"PFTT no..." Louis answered.

"Louis, I'm gonna go get my cup I left here Monday.." THAT'S IT. SHE'S LOUIS'S GIRLFRIEND. 


"WHAT!?" They both shout in unison. "NOOOOOOOO" Louis blurts out. "Sh-She's my sister." Now its all coming back to me. That girl was Destiny. My ex, my love, my other half..

"Destiny? You've changed..."

"I never wanted you to recognize me. Oh, I see you got a new girlfriend.."

"Not exactly."

"*COUGH* They broke up because she was an idiot. *COUGH*" Zayn blurted and ran away.

"Smooth Zayn," She laughed. Man I miss her laugh.

"We'll leave you guys alone... hah." We all nodded. And I took Destiny to my room. Once I closed and locked the door she started to yell;

"You never came back, you never replied to Louis's texts, you never cared about me!"

"Well I didn't kno-"


"Well you see I thought they were fake."

"Harry, I never left my room for a whole month. I was on complete shut down. I was a mess. I never went to school for that month, I had Louis bring me food, I wouldn't let anyone cheer me up, but you. Although that never happened I met a boy.."

"And your trying to me make jealous aren't you?"

"SHUT UP! Let me finish."

"Okay Okay!" I held up my hands in the air.

"And so we went out and I gave myself a chance to move on from you, but that new boyfriend of mine ended up using me to get back on his ex. So, I guess I can't move on, Harry. You were my first boyfriend. You're my other half." Destiny came up to me and sat on my lap. "D-Do you still love me?"

"I need you." my lips crashed into hers. We are making up and I loved every second of it. "Destiny will you be my girlfriend?" she nodded.

"Yes. Yes, Harry I will." She kissed my lips one last time before getting up and going towards the door. But, I stopped her. She got were I was going; "Are you sure Harry? When they are all here?" I nodded. she walked up to me and we started kissing. which then turned into something bigger, making love.


We laid in bed the rest of the day. I held her hand in mine, it fit just right. 

"I want to lay in your arms forever, I feel so safe." Destiny whispered into my ear. I know I said that I really didn't want to have sex, but with Destiny-at the moment- it felt right.

"I want to be with you forever." Of course in the moment the boys all had to bardge in.

"AHHHHH THE LIGHT IS GONE!!!" Niall screamed like a little girl when he saw Destiny and I.

"Niall, shut up." Liam ran after him.

"NOO HAZZA, WHAT ABOUT US?!" Louis yelled.

"Sorry Boo Bear, I've got my own cuddle bear." I pecked Destiny on the lips as Louis ran out fake crying. Zayn had just said something like,"Go Hazza!" which made Destiny and I laugh.

Destiny's POV:

Harry made me feel special for the very very first time. And I felt as if he really did mean everything. We've been laying in his bed talking and laughing. We were have a great time.

"Oh and nice four nipples, Harry." I giggled.

"Hey! They have feelings!" He then chuckled. My eyes fluttered and searched the room for a clock. When I found one I saw that it was 12:37 pm.

"Oh my god, Harry I have to go!" 

"Why? Please stay! Pretty Please with a cherry on top?" I began to think. Yes.... or No.....? 

"Okay, fine. Under one condition," he groaned,"Give me your shirt."


"You know... Like in the movies."

"Oh!!" He shuffled to find his shirt and when he found it, Harry handed it to me and slid back into bed. I slipped it onto my freezing body then slid next to Harry. We entwined our hands together and began to talk more.

"I want to sing to you, Destiny." I love his voice. It always makes me so calm.

"I might fall asleep because your voice makes me so calm." My body shuffles around so I can see Harry's adorable face. My hand traces his jawline and he quickly kisses me. I kiss him back and he begins to sing,


Yeah, oh, oh

Can't believe you're packin' your bags

Tryin' so hard not to cry

Had the best time and now it's the worst time

But we have to say goodbye


Don't promise that you're gonna write

Don't promise that you'll call

Just promise that you won't forget we had it all


Cause you were mine for the summer

Now we know its nearly over

Feels like snow in September

But I always will remember

You were my summer love

You always will be my summer love


Wish that we could be alone now

If we could find some place to hide

Make the last time just like the first time

Push a button and rewind


Don't say the word that's on your lips

Don't look at me that way

Just promise you'll remember

When the sky is grey


Cause you were mine for the summer

Now we know its nearly over

Feels like snow in September

But I always will remember

You were my summer love

You always will be my summer love


So please don't make this any harder

We can't take this any farther

And I know there's nothin' that I wanna change, change


Cause you were mine for the summer

Now we know its nearly over

Feels like snow in September

But I always will remember


You were my summer love

You always will be my summer love

You always will be my summer love

And with that we both fell asleep, happily, full of love. No pain, no hurting, just pure love.



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Thankies my lovelies.❤ xx.. c:


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