Being Bullied by 1D

Destiny was an average girl and had amazing friends! Until she hit high school. 9th grade. 5 boys tormented her, abusing and calling her a slut, whore, etc. They made her life a living hell. They teased her about living with over a hundred different families, mostly all of them were druggies and abusers. All her friends abandoned her, but was that it? Why did the bully, Destiny? Questions you may never know unless you read this story, Being Bullied by One Direction.


6. I Think I Love You


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{Being Bullied By One Direction}

Chapter 6

Destiny's POV:


Once I woke up Harry's arms were still tightened around my waist. I was happy that he never ditched me, but I was still a bit mad at him for doing what he did. Harry, you have some major making up to do. By serious I mean serious.I guess I never told anyone about what I over heard after Harry and I broke up, it was really scary to me. Well here goes nothing;


I walked up to the front gate leading towards the high school's main entrance. When I passed by Harry's "secret" area with Louie I over heard their voices; I started to eavesdrop.

"Are you sure you want to do this Hazza?"

"YES!!" Harry yells.

"Well then we better make a promise." Louie whispered, but it was loud enough for me to hear.

"Mhmm, and that is?" Harry answered.

"You will promise me you will NEVER fall for that slut. EVER again. Got it?" What he had just said caused my heart to shadder into billions of pieces. I-I was a slut in his eyes?

"What if you fall for her?" I bet he had a soft look in his face.

"I-I won't. Just because I was her best friend doesn't mean anything. I mean I'm the one who sent her those texts..." I quietly gasped. That was all Louis? A tear rolled down my cheek. Why, Why would he do this to me!? I thought. "Anyways, got it, Styles?"

"Y-Yeah..." he let out a sigh,"So about bulling her..?" All I could picture were grins plastered on both of their faces.

"Yuppers, its a deal." Louis settled it. I just lost it and broke into a quite loud sob. I hope they had heard because my feet sent me running away to the girls bathroom. Why... Why would they bully me?! And why would HARRY of everyone bully me? WHEN HE WAS THE ONE CHEATING ON ME. That's it. I stormed out of the restroom, grabbed my belongings from my locker and slammed it shut. The halls suddenly became dead silent, but I didn't give a damn. My face has anger written all over it. My feet dug into the ground each step I took. All I wanted to do at the moment was to cut. I had heard it hurt and all which would keep me satisfied about myself. When I got home I rushed into my bathroom rushing to get the razor. It was held to my arm until a sob came quickly put of my mouth. Tears streamed down my cheeks nonstop. None of anything made sense at this point. Why was I even put on this earth? Up until I was 17 my life was the best. I was very grateful. But-but now Harry ruined everything, EVERYTHING. The razor fell to the floor, causing me to jump. I promise myself I will never tell a living soul.


When I promised myself I wouldn't tell anyone, I just knew I had to tell someone... It happened, but it didn't. My mum never believed me when I said it. Her exact words were,'Oh Destiny, Harry would never bully anyone! He is an angel." Are you kidding me Julie?! That was one thing that ticked me off about her. She only saw the good in him.. but for me? Noooo I always did crap wrong. I know I said she was the best parent I had ever had that was true, but she always pointed out my flaws. What ever.. But I guess I have to be gratefu- A raspy voice takes me out of my thoughts;

"Morning, Destiny." I smiled and turned toward him. Harrys pulled me closer to him and gave me a long passionate kiss. I obviously kissed back. My head rested in his chest, everything was peaceful until my door burst open with the 3 I hate the most. Liam, Zayn, and Niall. Soon, having Louie come right behind them.

"Oh so now your sleeping with her?" Zayn blurts out whilst Harry lets go of me.

"Guys its not what you think..." he trailed off.

"Really, is that what your going to say? Ergh, why do I keep giving you chances Harry? You don't need them! Get out of my room, and GET OUT OF MY LIFE!" I yelled.

"Well, you know what. I've never liked you! You've always been a bitch!!" My heart shattered.

"Oh and you know I heard everything you and Louie said after we broke up. Tell me NOW, why you wanted to bully me or lord help you." I was tired of him telling me lies. He had his chances and now they're gone. And right after I had said what I did his face became red. "Yeah nice hiding were we all used to talk. I'm not stupid like you think I am. Now spill."

"You and Louis." I starred at Louis, he had a confused look on his face like myself;

"What?" we said in unison.

"You two had a thing didn't you?"

"What? No? We were best friends. HE was there when you fricken cheated on me!!!" I screamed. I heard gasps from the 3 other boys,"Yeah Harry and I dated! I bet your "leader" never told you anything.. well he's embarassed by me!! So he went and found the sluttiest girl in school, Angie! Then he kissed me which all you guys must remember. When I thought he loved me he admited it all a phoney! Who does that? B-Break my heart... YOU NEVER CARED!!" I went back to yelling at Harry. My etes were becoming heavy and puffy. I could tell they were red. I began to shake as I collasped to the floor, putting my head in my hands,"I bet you never knew I tried to hang myself because of you Harry. I was in love with you." Now the room was dead silent. I deep sigh came from my mouth. "I-I'm done... Done with trying to become prefect for you. To have you actually love me." A tear fell to the floor. How couldn't he notice that I loved him? Harry meant the world to me, but obviously I meant nothing.

"I-I'm so sorry." He sounded at the verge of crying.

"W-We're gonna go..." Niall blurted out. My sight was blurry, but I think I saw Lou nod.

"Me too." Louis said whilst shutting the door behind him. 

"D-Did you mean that? That you never loved me?" My heart was broken. No, its gone.

"I really don't know..." The answer he gave made me start to sob. 

"You can never fix my heart now, Harry Styles." I got up and left my room, but before I left I stopped at the door and turned around,"Thank you for bring my first, I just would have loved you more if you loved me." Now, I walked out of the room starting towards the back door, leading to the yard. My meet scurried across the soft grass and I sat down on a swing. Was my love for him over? Never.


Harry's POV:

I couldn't believe what she just said;

"You can never fix my heart now, Harry Styles." She got up,"Thank you for bring my first, I just would have loved you more if you loved me."

Why did I ever want to impress the guys that I was dating Angie and whenever I would hang out with Destiny I felt so embarassed. I can't fix anyone's heart. Her's was probably on the verge of breaking all because of me. I got up hoping I wouldn't fall and loose my balance. My hands ran through my curly, brown hair. Did I really love her or did I just like her? Love is way different than like. I know this sounds really retarded, but whenever I'm around her my stomach feels like its doing summersaults which can maybe be a like? But, then again it could mean I love her. As I walk home I think about everything. Why I bullied her, why was I so embarresed by her, if I liked or loved her. I threw rocks at someone who shines and I regret every second of it. Destiny's brown hair is beautiful just like her laugh... and her eyes... and her body. Not in a preverted way.. anyways, I'm now realizing something.

love Destiny Tomlinson and all her Little Things.



MUAHAHAHHHA! So how did you like this chapter? I thought this was really good! Sorry its another short chappy, but I think this will be the length of all my chapters... soo I'm so sorry about that, but I forgot to include this, but Destiny went into the bathroom and changed before she left to go outside. So here it is.(:

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