The First to Steal my Heart

Is it weird I like my brother's best friend? Who I've known for so long? Harry had Alexis head over heels when she first saw him, but will her protective brother Niall stop them? Is it weird I like my best friend's brother? Ella has always liked Alexis' older brother Niall, but Niall has to look out for Alexis will he need to give up being protective to be with Ella?(1D not famous, they're still a band same songs, but just not famous, same with little mix:) )


8. Chapter 7

Quick A/N, 

I am SOOOOO sorry I haven't updated in a long time! School is ending school, for us, and we have a lot of quizzes and tests, and I've been really busy! I'm SO SO SO SO SO sorry!!!! I'll try to make the chapter long okay bye!<3 p.s I just got a watt pad, look for my account: _gavriella


Ella POV

I layed sprawled across the couch stuffing crisps(chips) into my mouth, I wasn't being at my most attractive mode, if that makes any sense....Spongebob was on, I know what you're thinking, Spongebob?! Why would an 18 year old watch that?! Well, you're never too old for Spongebob! My phone buzzed telling me I had a text. I wiped my fingers on my pj pants and unlocked my phone after putting in my passcode.


Alexis: Hey girl! Wanna hang out today?

Me: Sure! Give me 20 join I'll come over to your house?

Alexis: Yeah that's fine, see you soon bye!

Me: Bye!

End of condo.

I got up off the couch and cleaned up, then I headed upstairs to my room to take a shower and get ready for the day. After my shower I picked out black leggings, a floral printed high-low shirt, and black converse high tops. I applied light blush and mascara, then slipped on my glasses. Sometimes I wear contacts and sometimes I wear my glasses. My glasses were hipster styled and black, I think that style and styles similar to that are what look best on me. I grabbed my phone and keys then headed put the door. *At Alexis' house*

"Hey Niall." I smiled as Niall opened the door for me. "Hey Ella." He greeted me back stepping out of the way so I could enter his house. "Where's Alexis?" I asked once I noticed that she wasn't anywhere. "Oh, she's still taking a shower." Niall replied closing the door, "Ok." I sat down on their couch and looked at my phone. There was an awkward silence. I started to laugh. "What's so funny?" Niall smiled laughing a little. "I don't know, I just start to laugh when there are awkward silences." I laughed

Niall POV

"I don't know, I just start to laugh when there are awkward silences." Ella laughed "I think your laugh is cute." I thought "Erm, thanks, I guess." Ella said, "Wait, did I say that out loud?" I asked embarrassed "Haha, yup." Ella giggled, I felt my cheeks go red,"So....." Ella trailed off "How's life?" I chuckled "LIfe is good." I answered "You?" "Pretty good." Ella shrugged "Same as every other day." It was silent. The sunlight from the near by window hit Ella's face perfectly, making her look like some kind of angel. Her long brown hair flowed down her back ending just above the middle of her back. She wore a simple but  pretty outfit and very little make-up. "So, whatcha staring at?" Ella asked catching me, I blushed "Oh ummmmm." I started. "Hey Ella!" called a perky voice, Alexis, thank god! "Hey Alexis!" Ella greeted her standing up.

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