The First to Steal my Heart

Is it weird I like my brother's best friend? Who I've known for so long? Harry had Alexis head over heels when she first saw him, but will her protective brother Niall stop them? Is it weird I like my best friend's brother? Ella has always liked Alexis' older brother Niall, but Niall has to look out for Alexis will he need to give up being protective to be with Ella?(1D not famous, they're still a band same songs, but just not famous, same with little mix:) )


4. Chapter 4

Niall POV

"What happened?!" I asked as I saw Alexis walk in with the help of Zayn. "She tripped while plain football, I think she hurt her ankle pretty bad." Ella replied. I stood up from the couch and rushed over, "How much does it hurt? Can you walk? Is it broken?" Alexis shook her head "No, not broken, on a scale from 1-10 1 being the worst 10 being the best, I would say like a 4, I can walk, but will limp most of the time, and no I think I sprained it maybe." I nodded and helped her walk into the kitchen with Zayn. We set her down on one of the stools there. "Do you need anything?" I asked Alexis/Ella, Ella thought "Some ice, I think to help keep down the swelling." "Okay.' I walked to a drawer and pulled out a plastic bag, then filled it with ice. "Here." I handed it to Ella who put it on Alexis' ankle. Alexis winced as Ella placed the bag on her ankle, Ella's eyes showed worry. "Mmmmmh, I think maybe we should let it sit for an hour, and then see how it is." "No, I think we should take her to the doctor's." I rejected "We should wait and see how it is before we do anything." Ella said. I shook my head 'no'.

Ella POV

Niall shook his head 'no'. I frowned, I've liked Niall for a while, but his protectiveness over Alexis sometimes annoyed me. I told Alexis that I liked her older brother last year, she was pretty supportive, thank god. "Come on Niall, don't you think we should wait and see how her ankle is before we see the doctor? It could be better by then." I reasoned "No." "Come on Niall! Pleasssseeeeee?????" I did my puppy dog face, which worked 9/10 times. "Come on Niall! How could say no to this face?!" Louis exclaimed. Hehe, I thought. "Pleeeaaaassssseeee???" I begged again, "Ugh, FIne." Niall sighed and gave in "Yay!" I smiled. Alexis' phone buzzed, she checked it then typed something. "Hey, Eleanor is coming over." She said.(yes eleanor calder) Louis's face lit up when he heard the name of his girlfriend. "Yay!" I loved Eleanor, she was so sweet and kind, she is also really funny. Alexis loved her too.

*one hour later*

Alexis POV

"See? Look Niall, my ankle is better." I said "We don't have to see the doctor." Thankfully, I didn't sprain my ankle, just was swollen, and a bit sore. "Well, I'm glad that your ankle is fine." He replied. "See? I told that her ankle could be better in an hour." Ella said sticking her tongue out at Niall. "Fine, you were right." He blushed. What? Why was he blushing, I mean he blushes a lot, but not at something like this. Does he like Ella? No, he can't, he said he liked someone else. Could he like Ella? He always acts happier and a bit shy when she's around. Mmmmmmmh......

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