The First to Steal my Heart

Is it weird I like my brother's best friend? Who I've known for so long? Harry had Alexis head over heels when she first saw him, but will her protective brother Niall stop them? Is it weird I like my best friend's brother? Ella has always liked Alexis' older brother Niall, but Niall has to look out for Alexis will he need to give up being protective to be with Ella?(1D not famous, they're still a band same songs, but just not famous, same with little mix:) )


3. Chapter 3

Alexis POV

Ella and I walked in the park drinking our coffee and talking about the randomest things. "He look!" Ella said suddenly, I looked up, "It's Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry." I perked up at the name 'Harry' "Oooooh Alexis likes Harryyyyy." Ella teased "You already knew that El." I rolled my eyes and tried to hide the blush creeping up my cheeks. "Let's go say hi." Ella said walking in their direction(hehe one direction). I hesitantly followed, I'm not the best at talking with my crush. "C'mon Alexis!" Ella said impatiently "Ermmm actually I"ll just wait here." I stopped walking "Come on, you are talking to Harry." She said grabbing my hand and dragging me to where the boys were. "Hey guys!!" Ella yelled, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry stopped their game of football(soccer) "Hey Ella! Hey Alexis!" Louis called. We finally reached them, "Hey guys, what's up?" Ella said casually "Just playing some football, wanna join?" Harry asked. "Oh no thanks I'm no good at football, but, Alexis is." She said. Oh gee thanks, Ella.(note the sarcasm) I'll need to get her back later. "Really?" Harry asked "Yeah," Ella nodded "She played football up until grade 10." "Cool, well Alexis would you like to join?" Harry asked.

Ella POV

Before Alexis could say no I cut in "She would love to." Alexis glared at me, I just smiled and ignored her death stare. "Great!" Zayn said "What about you, Ella?" "Nope, I'm fine watching." I declined "Actually, Ella's pretty good at football, she's better than she says she is." Alexis said "C'mon Ella join us! It'll be fun!" Liam encouraged me to join them "No, I'm not good at football it's fine." I said "Well Harry's bad also, but he still plays." Louis said(no offense to harry) "Hey!" Harry said "Well it's true, come on Ella join us, Alexis wants you to." Zayn said "Fine." I sighed figuring there was no way of getting out of it. "Yay!" They all cheered "Harry, Louis, and Alexis are on one team, me, Zayn, and Ella on the other." Liam said. I noticed Alexis blush when she found out she was on Harry's team.

Harry POV

Alexis blushed when she found we were on the same team. Does she like me? We started to play our game. I stuck out my foot to kick the ball, but accidentally tripped Alexis "Ohmygod, I'm so sorry Alexis." I said "It's ok, Harry." She smiled slightly "What happened?" Liam asked jogging over, Zayn bent down to look at her cuts. I could've done that. Wait what? Do I like her? Zayn put out his hand to help her up. My jaw clenched, when Alexis took his hand. I can't like her, she's my best mates sister! I've known her for so long! Zayn slung his arm over her shoulder to help her walk. My fists clenched, I like Alexis, how did I not notice that before? The way her brown hair falls down her back, her beautiful brown eyes.


Hi sorry I didn't update! I've been busy, anyway sorry if it's not a good fanfic we're 11. Oh! My friend and I share my account, and she helps write the fanfic, I publish it, and she helps write it. We kik it with each other, if that makes sense, anyways yeah so that's it bye!-dino<3

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