The First to Steal my Heart

Is it weird I like my brother's best friend? Who I've known for so long? Harry had Alexis head over heels when she first saw him, but will her protective brother Niall stop them? Is it weird I like my best friend's brother? Ella has always liked Alexis' older brother Niall, but Niall has to look out for Alexis will he need to give up being protective to be with Ella?(1D not famous, they're still a band same songs, but just not famous, same with little mix:) )


1. Chapter 1

Alexis POV

I looked at the picture of my parents in my hand. I sighed and put it back on my nightstand where it originally was. I should probably tell you about myself. Hi my name is Alexis. When I was younger, around 4 years old, my parents died. At that time my brother Niall and I didn't know what happened. When we got older we found out what happened. Niall, my older brother then thought that it was his job to take care of me and look out for me. I didn't complain a lot, it was comforting, but sometimes it got annoying.

Niall POV

I looked at the picture of my family hanging on the wall in our family room. We were so young. My parents died when I was younger, my sister, Alexis, and I didn't know what happened to them. But when we got older we found out, and I took that as my responsibility to look out and care for Alexis.

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