The First to Steal my Heart

Is it weird I like my brother's best friend? Who I've known for so long? Harry had Alexis head over heels when she first saw him, but will her protective brother Niall stop them? Is it weird I like my best friend's brother? Ella has always liked Alexis' older brother Niall, but Niall has to look out for Alexis will he need to give up being protective to be with Ella?(1D not famous, they're still a band same songs, but just not famous, same with little mix:) )



Hey sorry I know a lot of people hate these and skip them, but this helps clear up the story. Okay, so a few things:

1) 1D and Little Mix +Danielle, Eleanor not famous

2) 1D and Little Mix are a still bands with the same songs ex) Kiss You and Wings, but THEY ARE NOT FAMOUS

3)Alexis and Ella are juniors, 1D, Little Mix, Eleanor, and Danielle are seniors

4) Zerrie, Payzer, and Elounor are still couples in this story.

Okay that's all I have so far, thanks for reading this! :)

Love yew!

-Dino<3 xx

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