Somebody Help Me

Rose is just a normal girl who got picked on a lot.One day 5 new boys join her classes and help her with the bulling.What happens when they all fall in love with her but she only loves 1 of them,and her ex-boyfriend plots reveng who will live and who will die? ~my first movellas plzs no hate~


1. Nobody understands

Rose's POV:

"Nobody understands what i'm going through!" I yelled wishing I could just die.I've been bullied my whole life getting called fat and ugly.I live with my little brother Koda and my mom(my dad died in a car crash-a drunk driver hit him).My mom was at work so i was stuck watching y brother,I told him to sit down so i could finish my HW.Later tht night when my brother went to sleep I went on twitter,I'm a HUGE 1D fan so I go on twitter a lot.I checked all their twitters and saw that Zayne was getting married,Nial's brother got marriend,and Liam and Dani broke up :( .I have shool tomorrow so I shut down my laptop,and go to sleep. ~my first storie plzs no hate ;)~

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