They Dont Know About Us

Sarah was a normal teenage girl. But one day changed her life.


1. The Run for Freedom

"SARAH!!!!!!!"My Father yelled. "SARAH!!!!!!!!" he screamed, i was in my room and was climbing out my window with a backpack on my back when my dad burst in. "SARAH! YOU THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY THIS EASY???!?" Thats when i dropped a two storys because my house was a three story and i landed on my arm and leg wrong. i yelped in pain but i knew my father was going to run after me.i got up and limp ran out of the little ally way and ran as fast as i could. i felt somthing grab my hand gently but i thought it was my father trying to trick me. but the voice said stop in  a hushed voice. i turned around to see a blond haired blue eyed boy that was a little older than me. He asked me why i was running but i couldent speak. my father told me never to speak because i was worthless garbage. i opened my mouth then closed it because i saw my father running towards us and i screamed. the blond boy understood and picked me up bridal style and ran to his car. 'SARAH! GET THE HELL BACK HERE NOW!!!!!" my father screamed which made the blond boy run faster, he opened the door and helped me in.


A/N Hey guys i hope you liked the first chapter! will update soon :)

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