They Dont Know About Us

Sarah was a normal teenage girl. But one day changed her life.


2. Meeting The 5 boys and the Unexpected..

The Blond Boy named niall asked me what my name was but i dident talk. He dident understand but left it alone. He took me to his house where all his 4 friends were. i was nervous and when we got there he said he was going to get a drink, and a paper. He wanted me to write my name on the paper. When he left a curly haired boy came in. He had beautiful green eyes and he said his name was harry. I think he was trying to hit on me but i dont know because all i was doing was thinking what was going to happen to me...... 

Niall came back and with a paper and a water for me. My side still hurt and so did my left hand. Thank goodness i wrote with my right hand. I wrote my name and they both said they liked it. " NIALLER IS BACK GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  a voice screamed and it made me nervous but i knew it was one of his friends. Harry mumbled somthing like no dip but i couldent hear it correctly. 3 other guys came down from the stairs and they said there hellos. they were all crazy except well.... they are all crazy. hahaha. i smirked and they asked but they knew i dident talk so they left it be. 

I wrote down that my side hurt so they all took me to the doctor.  The doctor told me that my arm was broken and so was my hip.. i fell hard ya know. and the doctor told me that they would call my dad to take me home. All the boys yelled no!! and they told them about my story because i wrote it down before we left. The doctor understood and then we heard yelling starting out in the front, i knew exactlly who it was. it was............





A/N Hey Guys. CLIFFHANGER :) hope you enjoyed this chapter and i will update soon, sorry for late update. anyway bye!!! 

- Nicole :)

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