A Call For Help

Nobody understands how hard life is for Rose until she meets the band 1D then her life changes forever,but what happens when Lou falls in love with her and her ex-boyfriend gets mad? Will Rose live otr will death take place? ~this is my first movella plzs no hate


1. info

hey i don't know how to write on a computer or how to spell good so plzs no hate!!!!!!! this is my first movellas and i have read so many good ones that i wanted to make my own.I nstarted one but ended it because i messed it up soooo bad.This is it's cover story lol. will someone plzs tell me how to delete it b cause its soooo messed up lol and i dont want anybody seeing it

~plzs give this a chance im not good at starting but once iv'e started it turns out REALLY good~

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