The Dangers Of Rayne Rand

My name is Rayne Rand. I was dubbed the most dangerous agent on Earth, and can kill anyone almost instantly. Except THEM. Yeah, they have a name, but that would ruin my story! Those five were very, very, very dangerous, and could kill people. But that is what I'm trying to avoid, being killed, and them killing anyone. I had to wipe them out. I knew it would have made me a mass murderer and the police would come after me, probably killing me, but this was more important at the time. Well, it would have been if I'd succeeded. But I didn't, and I'm stuck here. The only reason I'm alive and I've already failed is because,

they caught me.


2. Surprises and Failure

Rayne's POV

When I got to my destination, I looked at it in awe. Forming crowds of girls were running inside, and I could hear the screams from here. It looked like a concert, and I knew why. My targets were famous, it hit me. I snuck in through the side after knocking out a couple of guards, I snuck down the hallways, staying in the shadows. As I rounded a corner, I was pulled out and flipped around, pushed into the wall. But it wasn't a guard, I realised as the hands had held me in such a way that I could escape. I waited for him to call to his friends, and when I heard footsteps, I kicked between his spread legs and ran up the wall I was against, landing behind him. I pulled him up and pulled out my dagger, holding it to his neck.

I turned to the footsteps and warned, "Stay where you are or the idiot gets it." One of them moved slightly, and the rest gasped. When the boy moved, I took a head count. There was only four? There was five in the group. The same boy took another step and I pushed the knife into the boy below me's neck, just enough to reach blood, but he wouldn't be severely hurt. I was still frozen in place, knife against the boy's neck, when I felt a small ring get pushed up into my back. I took a deep breath and released the knife and the boy, putting my hands in the air. "Put the gun down please." I choked, and the others gave me a strange look, but then looked above me. I guessed the person had stood up.My arms were ripped behind my back, and I was forced to the ground, and then my captor dragged me into a door to my right. I was forced into a chair and they tied me there, surrounding me.

"What's the little girl here for?" I heard one whisper to another. "I don't know. What if she's a fan who was just defending herself? She might not be her." Then my captor glared at him. "She tried to kill Lou! Of course she's her." I chuckled darkly and they looked at me. "He's right, you know. I'm Rand, and yes, I was sent to kill you. I'm not a fan either, so unless you tell me, I'm going to have a damn hard time finding out your names."

Someone behind me kicked my chair, making me yelp out, "Hey! Chill, I can't get you from here. I was supposed to take you out one by one. If two of you were in one room together, this would have happened anyway." That's when I started to mumble a spell. Well, I guess that's what you'd call it. I made a hand movement, sticking my hand our, curling my fingers, and then turning my hand and thrusting it. Two of them were shoved back, and the others let out a shout, running to them. One of them sat up and said, "Why are you going after me all of a sudden?" I giggled after noticing he was the one I had cut earlier, and made an upwards movement with two fingers, making him raise up in the air and land roughly on his feet.

"Woah!" He shrieked, then looked me in the eyes. After a small study of them, he looked up, "She's a witch." One of them laughed and said, "Yeah, she is pretty evil." I burst out laughing and then said, "He meant a real witch. Like, the supernatural ones that people were killed for being. None of them actually were witches though, we just used our magic to make them appear that way." The boy nods. "Now can I know your names?" After saying that, they all looked at me, then each other, and then me again. "What do you say?" They taunted. I glared at the carpet. "I'm not saying it, if you want me to ask 'nicely'." The boy I attacked came up to me, and I looked up, glaring at him. "Why not? All you have to say is please? You did say it before." He teased. That's when I started to cry.

He looked at me, and watched the tears stream down with an evil smile, making me look into his eyes. Suddenly, I saw everything that's ever happened to him, and it didn't help my mood, making me sob harder. His smile faded. "How did you do that?" He growled. The other boys had left, leaving me alone with him, probably to do something about their stupid concert. I cried out as he pulled my hair, making me look up. "How. Did. You. Do. That?" He growled in my face. I smirked weakly, saying, "I made you relive it again, didn't I?" He nodded, slumping onto the floor after releasing my hair. "I'm sorry." I whispered.

"Why can't you say please? Why did you only do it for Liam?" He asked. I guessed Liam was the one who had a gun to my back, and caught me. I felt my eyes turn red, and that was all I could see. Red. "He held a Colt M1911 to my back." I said, rolling my eyes as if it was obvious. He just looked at me before adding, "I know that's not all." Sighing, I told him to touch my skin so I could show him. He lifted an arm and touched my forehead, making me go back in my thoughts to a darker time.


Back to 2006(I was six)

A six-year-old me ran down the hallway, diving into my sister's room and hiding under the bed. She didn't look up from her homework, she had to be unsuspicious. My father stormed in, red skinned and dark eyed, left hand squeezing a beer bottle that was half full. "Where is she?" He yelled at Raven, my big sister. She was twelve at the time, and she was the best sister ever. "I don't know." She said, looking up just before he dove at her. Little did they know, I was looking at their reflection in a mirror, seeing it all. He pushed her down and started punching her in the face, stomach, and kicking her, bruising her and cutting her to extremes. That's when he flipped her over. He then pulled it out, pushing it into her back, right where Liam had done to me. "WHERE IS SHE?" He roared. She just said, "I won't tell you." And he did it. He pulled the trigger, killing her instantly. Mini-me had tears pouring out of her face, snot coming out like no tomorrow. And he heard my sobbing, head shooting to the bed. He pulled me out and jerked me out-

He took his hand off, knowing what would happen next. Or at least, having a good idea."Raven and my mom," I sobbed. "They were killed by that psycho. With a Colt M1911. That's why I begged him to put it down. It was a flashback, where I had done the same thing. But he didn't. My father shot me, but I moved too much and he ended up hitting my arm. I passed out after and he was drunk enough to think I'd died, and he raped me. Raven's corpse too. And I couldn't do anything. That's why I freaked out, and that's why I came after you guys in the first place. My boss was the one who heard my screams, and came to my rescue. But I shouldn't have told you any of this." My voice cracked.

He looked curious, like he wanted to ask me about it, but the boys came in, telling him that they needed to go. And so he left in an instant, like everyone I've ever known.

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